snow day by: averi klein

Auto biography

I was born on a late August’s night, in Longview, WA at St. John’s Medical hospital. Though time was rushing by, for my parents, it was almost as if time stood still as they gazed down at their baby girl. They named that beautiful baby girl, Averi M. Klein.

As a little girl, I loved the color pink and liked to dress up in frilly dresses. My playmates were the boys that lived next door, and we would go out into the little-wooded area behind our home and play.

Fortunately, I still enjoy the outdoors, especially when summer comes. During the summer, I work up at a summer camp called Royal Ridges Retreat in Battle Ground, WA. I enjoy it because forests and fields 24/7, as well as people that have the some of the same interests surround me. I still have a love for coloring and drawing as well; I have tons of art supplies and sketchbooks. My favorite things to draw at the moment are landscapes and fantasy pieces.

Some of my goals for the future are to graduate from high school hopefully with my associate's degree. Then continue my college career by becoming a medical examiner, with a minor in game design. While I am busy with college and my dreams for the future, I hope always to have the ability to stop and enjoy the world through the lens of a camera. Look at the world with a new perspective and try to see the good in every situation.

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Artist statement

I got the inspiration for my photo series from seeing everyday people playing in the snow.There is not really a history behind these photos, i just had an idea and ran with it. In this photo series I was trying to express that even though winter is cold and can be miserable at times, it has a certain beauty about it. My new photography represents my old photography by the techniques and how they have improved from when I started. My inspiration for photography, quite honestly was just walking through my everyday life and looking at it through the lens of a camera. My inspiration for this photo series was my brother and the people who would walk past my window.

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Averi Klein


Averi Klein

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