Bayarlalaa #TEndaysmongolia 2016

Two months ago, you blessed us by partnering with me and Team Zamboanga to this short-term mission trip in Mongolia. We feel refreshed and blessed as we spent time and encouraged the leaders of our church, reached out to the next generation by doing English language classes in two schools, organized equipping and empowering events for the church members, and ultimately knowing God and His people in this trip.

My personal highlights are the campus outreach, the quality time with the Kids' Church teachers Nomio and Esther, and the after-youth service fellowship where the team cooked Adobo for our Mongolian and Russian visitors. I was also blessed to be able to receive coaching and spend time with one of my teammates, a campus minister, about being above-reproach (1 Tim 3:2) and discipleship, per se (this was all due to the fact that we got stuck in a 2 1/2 hour traffic). But the whole experience was just charming and heart-warming that even the morning walks to the market is something to look forward to in the morning. I am in awe about how God uniquely created a place so different from ours but where people who are so like us--in need of a Saviour.

Fun Fact: For the missionaries who came to the Philippines, their top 3 fave Pinoy food are: Adobo, Jollibee, and Sinigang. Their favorite drink is Milo. They don't like the Manila traffic but Ulaanbataar (their capital) has heavier traffic flow. ;p

Because our EN Mongolia church is small, the relationship between members are tight-knit, like a Filipino extended family. Old women would help taking care of the kids when the parents are volunteering in the Music Team or are in the pulpit preaching. Young men and women would take turns mopping the snow covered door entrance (it was winter season) and everybody would hug each other when they arrived. As Pastor Romel Insular (our team leader) puts it, it was like Victory Zamboanga when it first started its church in Zamboanga City 18 years ago.

Since all of us missioners are single ladies (except for the Insulars--Ptr. Romel and Ate An), we made sure we took care of the babies while meetings/seminars (Leaders' meeting, Parenting Seminar, Marriage Booster, Kids' Church Orientation) and Worship Night were ongoing to give the parents more time to listen to the Word and attend praise and worship. I guess this is also a good training for our future? :)

Remember the verse in 1 Tim 4:12? Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. (ESV)

Thats the hearts of the two current volunteer Kids Church teachers. Yep, they only have two teachers for a class of at least 10 kids of various ages. Nomio, 21, is a Journalism student while Esther, 11, is a primary school student. Both are young but both are heeding to the call to serve.

Kids Church Zamboanga volunteers Bevs, Sheila and Cindy spending #QualityTime with EN Mongolia Kids Church volunteers Nomio and Esther.
These are Anna, Irina (both Russian), Shiika, Nomin and her friend (Mongolians) trying out the sumptuous Filipino Adobo!
Shiika, the pretty lady standing and wearing EN Campus shirt, is one of EN Mongolia's campus missionary who graduated from the School of Campus Missionary in EN Philippines in Victory Fort (Manila) last 2016. The four youth in this picture are the youth who stood up during the altar call to start their journey with Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Lets continue to hold the ropes for Shiika and the other campus missionaries as they continue to reach out to the next generation Mongolians. Lets also pray that the youth and missionaries who are currently praying and raising funds to join the UNASHAMED World Conference in MOA Arena in the first week of August will be able to come and experience this encouraging and "on-fire" youth event.
This is me with Saki and Oogie, a young couple who recently graduated from School of Church Planting, also in Victory Fort, Manila. Just this month, they started church planting in one of the districts in Mongolia. Lets continue to cover them and their children, Gabriel "Gabby", 2, and Daniel, 3months old, in prayer, as they step out in faith and as He gives them the power to accomplish all the good things their faith prompts them to do. #churchplant #GreatCommission

Ten days is such a short time to do everything we want to do, to roll-out the plans we talked about while doing ministry or even to establish deep relationship with the students we started contact with. However, I believe that everything we did there (and how we did things) was orchestrated by God. I believe that our mission was a success and it was God's plan from the beginning. From being the last missions team for the year to do #TenDays in Mongolia, to God's favor of having Christians as immigration officers in NAIA, to the people we met, up to the specific classroom assignments in the school where we did English class, eventually making the kids curious about the Philippines, our experience in Mongolia, and our faith. It was all well-thought of and it was all God.

Full time missionaries and past missioners (Ten Days participants) all said the same thing, that I will come back more blessed even when we were purposedly sent there to bless the country. We met future churchplanters whose heart for the Great Commission encouraged me to reach out to more people. We met a woman whose life journey was tough (husband died, raising up three teens, leading a congregation) but who committed her life to obeying God's will in her life, and churchmembers whose financial situation did not hinder them to do acts of generosity for the team. God also showed me that He can do amazing things through any of us, in spite of our disobedience. I've seen acts of faith that are bolder than any act of faith I've done in my journey with God (6 years and counting). I saw how God moved impossible circumstances to easy-peasy jobs, and how the -40degrees weather didn't even made me sick even with all the walking we did (I easily get sick in cold weather and I was not able to get a flu vaccine before we left). Being healthy all throughout the trip (slight fever and runny nose were all I experienced) is one (small but great) miracle that I have witnessed God do during the trip.

After Sunday Service in Every Nation Mongolia

Prayer request: Mongolia is currently experiencing economic meltdown. Air pollution is a major environmental problem. Please pray that agriculture business will increase, business investments will be poured in by international investors in the country, and there will be entrepreneurial and financial wisdom for the people in the government. Please pray for Mongolians to be more health-conscious and that they will be more aware and educated in climate change and carbon footprint. Praying for multiplication of provision for the Mongolians through job generation and start-up businesses.

Indeed, I was more blessed when I came back here. I am stronger in faith when I got back. I also got to know God more and His character as my Father and Redeemer more when I got back here. The trip is a leap of faith for me in so many aspects of my life that I was reminded by a good friend that amazing things happen when we step out in faith. Thank you for covering us in prayers and for supporting us financially. I continue to pray that God will bless you more and more and that you are blessed with this mission report. Thank you again and I pray that you will continue to be a blessing to people who are laborers in the harvest. To sum it all up, here's our official #TeamMongolia #TeamZamboanga video. :) God bless you!

One friend asked me recently if I'd like to go back. My answer is yes. I want to go back and volunteer to help out in church while being a tentmaker in Mongolia. Luke 10:2. Please continue to pray for this desire in my heart! --Love, Cindy

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