The Georgian Friday, 24 April 2020


“We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails” Thomas S Monson

When we arrived in school this week it seemed a very strange place without the children. These past few weeks have been difficult for families, children and teachers. Our colleagues are already missing children and regular interactions and it is especially hard not knowing exactly when schools will be back. At the same, there is little merit in worrying about something which is beyond our control. This week we have all looked forward positively and forged forward into the unchartered waters of virtual learning with a little trepidation, but resulting in a successful and positive end to our week.

Lots of our children have taken to their new way of working readily; others are taking a little longer. Our families are adjusting to a new way of balancing the demands of helping to oversee their learning, while juggling working from home and managing a household. In individual families parents are finding one child co-operative while the others might not be. Following a timetable at home may be more straightforward for some, but challenging for others, all depending on different circumstances.

One thing we will relish is this unexpected gift of time with our immediate families. However, we are also on that journey to understand that things might not work in quite the ways we or teachers had hoped, because we really are in unchartered waters, but that this is okay. We will be adjusting and adapting just as the process will evolve and adapt as we discover what works and what doesn’t.

We will also come to learn what really matters and what doesn’t. At St George’s we feel it is our sense of community that really matters at this time, not whether a particular piece of work has been completed on time. It will be finding the right ways to keep us and our children connected with family, friends, school and our local community that will really matter; the support that people offer each other; the kind word used and the appreciation of the things in life that we simply take for granted. We need to allow time for us all to adapt to our new and altogether unique circumstances, cut one another more slack and really choose our battles, if indeed we want to battle at all!

Do not worry if you child is uncooperative in getting work done one day; the chances are they will be more cooperative on another. Different approaches will work in different households; there is no ‘right way’.

Try not to be dismayed if you can’t get the computer to work exactly at the right time. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t understand something that their teacher has set them to complete - we are all still here to help. If it’s glorious weather outside, let the children enjoy it, their work can wait an hour or two. This is a learning process for us all in a time like no other we have lived through, and it will be patience, honesty, good humour and dialogue that will help get us through to the other side.

From the whole team here we would like to thank parents for their thoughtful, caring and positive input this week. We will both be in touch with families next week to see how you are getting on within your own context, and glean valuable feedback from this to ensure we adapt to your needs.

Have a lovely weekend.

Emma and William

ASSEMBLY LINKS (every Monday and Friday at 8.45am):

A link to our Celebration Assembly can be found here:

A link for Monday morning's Assembly can be found below (please note that you need to be signed into your child's Google Account to view this). The Assembly will be live streamed at 8.45am.

Celebration Assembly

These pupils received awards at our online assembly this morning:

Mansa H: for gaining full marks for exam practice in Geography

Noah N-C: for gaining full marks for exam practice in Geography

Oliver P: for gaining full marks in exam practice in Geography

Richard C: for excellent typing - 24 words per minute

Nathan M: for excellent typing - 35 words per minute

Raphael K: for excellent work on the scratch games in IT

Tom V: for excellent work on the scratch games in IT

Isaac Saunders - for work in PSHE

Harry E: for excellent work done in PSHE

James E: for excellent work done in PSHE

Owen H: for a fantastic project in designing a theme park under budget in Maths

Charley W: for a wonderful piece of work in English

Reya M: for creativity - making a mechanical hand

The Spirit of St George's Awards

Alexios S: for incredibly polite communication with a teacher

Noah N-C: for incredibly polite communication with a teacher

Ethan F-G: for showing empathy and kindness towards others

Theo H: for being really helpful with the younger children here at school

Oliver S: for being very kind with the younger children here at school

James C: for being very kind to another pupil struggling with IT issues during a

French lesson.

Learning at Home with STG Connected

Welcome back to St George's!

Congratulations to everyone for the tremendous start to the term. We have received many wonderful photos of you working hard at home. Here are some of them.

Here are some of the very impressive pieces of work we've seen this week:

'The Big Question' was the topic for Year 7's Academic Enrichment lesson on Thursday. The children had to use the 'Learner Profile' of Inquirer to research the answer to a question they have wanted to know for some time and Seb M's combined humour with an interesting topic. He explained his reasons for choosing it and provided some detail.

What is the largest biscuit in the world?

I have wanted for a while now what the biggest biscuit in the world is. I don't know why I am interested in this question. I think it is because I enjoy having biscuits. The biggest biscuit in the world was made by The Immaculate Baking Company in Flat Rock North Carolina USA on 17 May 2003. The biscuit was measured at 754m2 and weighed 18 tonnes with a diameter of 30.7m (101 ft).

The biscuit was a chocolate chip cookie that was roughly the size of a large house. The immaculate Baking company makes all kinds of sweet treats. A man called General Mills owns The Immaculate Baking company.

The largest jam filled biscuit was made by Francis Quinn Hambleton Bakery in Oakham in the United Kingdom. It weighed in at 26.7 kg on the 14 July 2017 they were awarded with the Guinness world record.

Home Diary Entry from Ekam R

I was super excited today. It was Thursday, the day we anticipate every week. We planned to drive around in our brand new Mercedes car during the 8pm clapping . I planned to put rainbows on the sides, and a thank you NHS heart at the front of the car. So after the school day (virtually) ended, I printed out the colouring sheets and we started to colour them in. My mum did the rainbow and Aadi did another rainbow too, whilst I did the thank you NHS one. After they were complete, we stuck on the car with tape. We were ready for the clapping. My dad and I watched TV but after a while I looked at the time and it was almost 8pm. So, Aadi, daddy and I put on our gowns and rushed outside to get the car through the garden gate. When we got it through, mummy started to clap. Then the entire village started to clap with her, whilst we leisurely drove around the village with me as the driver and daddy clapping behind us.

Getting Creative!

The lockdown has provided an opportunity for St George's children to take part in a whole raft of creative activities at home, whether it's drawing or painting, origami, Lego or even learning how to help around the house!

We have received some absolutely wonderful rainbow pictures in support of the wonderful NHS.

And after working hard inside, you've been able to enjoy the sunshine, keep fit and have fun outside.

While most of us have been working from home, the children of key workers have come into school for their holiday activities and lessons, and they took some of these photos themselves:

National Schools Observatory Prize

Last term, as part of the Astronomy & STEM Club, Charlie H took a picture using the National Schools Observatory robotic telescope in La Palma. He then had to process the black and white data image files sent back to him using special imaging software, developed for professional astronomers, into a colour image. There is a good deal of creative skill required to get an image which is both visually appealing and of scientific interest. Jimmy N and Jennifer W also entered images into the NSO competition.

This is the wonderful image Charlie created. It shows the Rosetta Nebula, 5,219 light years from Earth.

The Rosetta Nebula

Charlie's image has just been put onto the NSO website as the Image of the Month, April 2020. Once everyone is back to working normally the NSO will arrange for a canvas print prize to be delivered to the school.

Earth Day 2020

Wednesday 22 April was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the environmental movement founded in 1970 following a massive oil spill off the coast of California. Half a century later this annual day continues to draw our attention to the huge challenges still facing the planet.

The lockdown has meant fewer cars on the road and fewer planes flying over. Pollution levels have gone down and the huge reduction in noise has made birdsong more audible. Daily walks have given us an opportunity to engage with nature more than ever before. We’d love to hear about anything you have noticed on your nature walks and if you could send us any photos, that would be even better! Send them to connected@stgwindsor.org and we will try and put them in the newsletter next week.

BBC Radio 2 500 Words Competition

Across Year 4 and 5, six children have successfully made it through to the second round of of the competition and we hoped this exciting step could be celebrated with the whole school.

The competition received nearly 135,000 entries and only around 5000 go to the Reading Agency for the second round of judging. So we are very proud of our super six writers and are keeping our fingers crossed for them until the May update when the Final 50 will be selected. This year’s 500 Words Final will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 2 from Buckingham Palace, on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, on Friday 12th June

The successful children into the second round were: Josh I (Year 4), Charley W, Toby C, Cedric R, Barney W and Tilly W (Year 5).

SOuL Outdoor Learning

Mrs Onions has drawn out attention to the videos on this online video channel which can be tried at home. They have great ideas for activities that will work on teamwork, independent thinking, and encourage children to be 'curious learners'. A good place to start is the video entitled 'Go Discover' (Film 1). All the videos can be reached by the link here. Over the coming weeks we hope you will try some of the activities and we would love you to send us any pictures or videos, and let us know how you get on! We will keep you updated here with new videos as they are released.

Free e-Book

This week BookLife are offering a free pdf book from their Infographics series about the human body. You can download it and share it free here.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Our first Wellbeing Wednesday kicked off with mindful tasting and there are some fabulous comments from those who have already had a go. My favourite describes the calm and soothing aspect of slowly and mindfully eating a square of chocolate. Some of you, I know, have this to look forward to at the weekend!

The aim of these sessions is to provide an opportunity for us all to slow down and do something which will help maintain our wellbeing and many will include the whole family. Tasks or challenges can be carried out over the course of the week at your convenience.

It will be lovely to receive comments, photos and work resulting from these and we will aim to share them with the communitiy, perhaps during our Friday Feeling.


During this very unusual time and particularly as we are all working online so much more, we have written a new annex to our Safeguarding Policy and this can be found on the website. There is also advice for parents about keeping your home systems safe and protecting your children.

If you have any concerns or would like more information do contact louise.squire@stgwindsor.org

Quick Quiz

Each of these photos shows a building or construction in a European country. Which countries are they in? Do you know what they are? Answers next week!

Wishing the following pupils a very ...

Grace J, Jannah H, Sofia C, Leah H and Ella G all have their birthdays in the coming week!