The Taliban in Afghanistan mohammed alshamrani and haya khalid


  • A Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan
  • Waging war within Afghanistan
  • Controls territories within Afghanistan
  • Enforces a strict interpretation of Sharia law
  • Considered globally as a terrorist group
  • The Taliban was one of the Mujahideen factions that formed to combat the Soviet occupation

what do the Taliban do?

  • The Taliban in Afghanistan were accused of providing a sanctuary to Osama Bin Laden and the alqeda movment
  • The Taliban are connected to the 9/11 bombings
  • The Taliban uses extortion to make money
  • The Taliban also receives fundings from external sources

Taliban human rights violations.

  • Massacre campaigns
  • Human trafficking
  • Oppression of women
  • Terrorism against civilians
  • Extreme interpretation and application of Sharia

How the Taliban is perceived by Afghani civilians

  • They are seen by some as protectors and worries that protect them from invaders and peace keepers
  • They are seen as terrorists and barbarians by others that create conflict and hurt civilians.
  • In certain Pashto areas Taliban fighters are viewed as brave fighters and who ever joins is praised for joining and who ever does not join is viewed as a coward
  • The west views the Taliban as a terrorists group

The Talibans views and belifes

  • The Taliban views themselves as islamic warriors (mujahdeen)
  • They believe that they are fighting the west's invasions
  • They believe that they are upholding islamic morals and law (sharia)

Taliban Controlled Territories

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