Payment for College Athletes Walker champney

How are college football players supposed to make money? The high expectations from coaches prevent players from obtaining an income. As we know college is expensive and without money, debts after college will be extremely hard to pay back.

The sheer amount of time devoted to a college sport is incredible. College football players often times devoted upwards of forty to fifty hours a week devoted to their sport. Players participate in activities such as practice, conditioning, weightlifting, and film watching.

Many college students are required to get a job to cover the heavy expenses of tuition, housing, and basic needs such as food. Students get wide varieties of jobs from restaurants to hardware stores. Football players often times barely have time to get a job much less stay up to date with demanding classes.

Football players are also students, so they have to go to class and do homework just like everyone else. On top of their demanding practice schedule, players go to the library and study late nights to catch up on classes.

College football players deserve to be compensated for their commitment to their sport. Football players practice everyday leaving little time to get a job or to study for demanding classes. At the end of the game or practice football players still have more to do, and therefore should be paid. By paying the players the need for a job becomes less important, because of the expenses covered by the compensation.


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