Nature Activity at FLMNH By: Daniel garanton

Nature on Display

What is it about your experience at the museum that you found to be so enjoyable? Despite all the wonderful exhibit that this natural museum had, there was one that I connected to at a very deep level. I felt like the butterfly exhibit in this museum was spectacular and was well beyond any of my expectations. This exhibit was so appealing to me because it mimics nature at its finest form and the fact that I was able to be a part of it. It felt like I was actually in a jungle, where butterflies were free to roam; the grandiose trees and gentle streams were all fascinating. The exhibit captured my attention because it felt like I was being transported to a different world, like I was leaving Gainesville behind and traveling to Brazil. This exhibit taught me that nature can be very peaceful. When I was walking through this exhibit all my stress and worries melted away, I felt like one with nature. The streams spoke to me and the chirping birds were music to my ears. I believe that this realization could not have come from any other medium. Through this exhibit I truly realized that nature is beautiful and can have so many wonderful effects on both body and mind. My experience was so enjoyable because it allowed me to detach myself from everything going on around outside of the museum. I loved this experience so much because I was able to relax and just be myself throughout the exhibits.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum was such a great experience because it taught me to respect and love nature. I was completely immersed in the exhibits, going from one to the other in awe every time. It was the first time I was able to realize that nature is much more than what people think. Nature is where we come from, and where we go to in our times of need. Because of this, I felt like the museum allowed me to experience nature in the way Leopold recommends. I truly felt at peace as I went through this museum. Throughout my time here, I sensed that nature is to be respected and is so important in our lives, and its a shame that many people do not realize it throughout their lives. As I went through this museum I realized that we live in a technology era, so it is becoming harder through the ages to truly appreciate nature for what it truly is. Both companies and people will tear down forests and places of bountiful nature in order build without realizing that by doing so we are straying further appreciating nature and being happy. I feel that the less nature a community has, the more hectic and stressful it will be. That is why I have come to love the University of Florida. It focuses on the nature aspect, which gives the whole campus a very relaxing vibe, something important to stressful students. Many people around me had their breaths taken when entering exhibits. I heard things from, 'How beautiful', to 'Everyone should come to this place'. It is refreshing to hear these things and realize that there are still people who appreciate nature. The museum allowed us to connect with nature because the exhibits recreated its scenes. For example, when learning about caves, we were actually walking through one! The environments were perfect and it felt like I was truly there. I feel like my experience in this museum transformed my opinion on nature to be very similar to Leopold's. I will no longer take nature for granted.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History helps us step out of our ordinary lives because it transports us to a different world. When we enter this place we are no longer in Gainesville, Florida, but rather a beautiful place where we can forget all our worries and problems. Nature helps us understand who we are because it takes us to our roots and teaches us that the beautiful things in life are right in front of us. The museum displays nature in forms we may never experience, I think that is amazing because it helps us connect to another world that is not our own. Through nature, I was able to understand that we are able to be happy in the simplest ways and that there are many things in this world that result in needless stress and worries. The museum taught me that we are able to enjoy life through the most pure and simple things in life. I was truly able to appreciate the natural world.

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