Genghis Khan

Early Life-

  • He had a rough childhood.
  • His father was taken from him by a rival tribe.
  • As he went to avenge him, he was given the name "Genghis Khan". The name means 'ruler of all'.

His achievements-

  • Established the largest land empire ever. 11-12 million sq. mi.
  • Unified the nomadic tribes of the Mongolian plateau.
  • He granted religious freedom to his subjects, abolished torture, and encouraged trade.
  • Created the first international postal system.

Political and Economic Involvement-

  • Had supreme power.
  • Invented the first international postal system.
  • Had one of the largest armies in history.

Cultural Aspects-

  • Granted religious freedom amongst his subjects.
  • Music and fine arts flourished.
  • Banned torture throughout the empire.
  • Introduced a written script for the Mongolian language.


  • 11 to 12 million square miles. Roughly the size of Africa.
  • Mainly Central Asia and China.
  • His descendants expanded the empire even further. It reached to Central Europe.
  • Born between the border of Mongolia and Siberia.

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