American History 2 OVerview of the first 9 weeks

Western Frontier (Indian Wars, Railroads, etc.)

The Western Frontier was the settlement of the west by the americans in 1865 on into the 1900s. The homestead act gave 60 free acres to every settler that moved out west. With the increase of settlers, indians were kicked out of the west. This led to indian wars as indians fought for their land and freedom. They lost and were moved to reservations, loosing all their rights in the process. The Continental Railroad led to even more expansion in the west. The building of the railroad led to booming towns and new opportunities and jobs for settlers.

b. Big Business (Growth of monopolies)

The growth of big business led to the advancement of job oportunites for people in the east. From Rockerfeller to Carnegie, big business was on an all time rise. The creation of the assembly line led to bigger production. Towns turned into booming Cities and the great New York was formed. Monopolies formed and businesses took over the industry.

c. Gilded Age (Corruption in local, state, federal level)

The Guilded age was the time in american history where businesses grew to be to big and became corrupted. Muckrakers started unveiling the corruption in big business and even in the federal governments.

Progressive Era

The progressive era was a timeperiod of advancement in culture, diversity, and business. People wanted change in the governement. Women pushed for the ability to vote. Blacks pushed for civil rights. And everyone wanted to progress to a new way of life.


Imperialism was growing in the united states. Economic, cultural, and military philosophy that the United States affects and controls other countries. Basically saying that America started gaining new small contries under its control to expand it resources and territory.

World War 1

World war 1 was started with the assassinattion of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in june 1914. This led to a toppling of the alliances causing the countries to go into full fledged war. So many alliances were created before the war that once two contries fought everyone fought. The United States joined when Germany sent the a telegram to mexico asking them to invade the united states.

The Roaring 20s

America was rich after world war 1. The businesses were booming, and people were investing their money in stocks. Flappers became the new popular way of dress and life for single girls. Night clubs were popular and along with the night clubs came speakeasys. Because of the ban on alcohol caused by the 18th amendment.

The Great Depression and The New Deal

The Great Depression was caused by the crash of the stock market and the fails of the banks. when the stock market crashed people lost all their money because they foolishly put it all in stocks. Along with the stock market crash came the dust bowl which put the west into even moe debt. The scramble to fix the depression led to the formation of the new deal which was created by FDR to fix the great depression.

World War 2

World war 2 was caused by Germany wanting to take back the land it lost in world war 1. They wanted to become a superpower along with italy and japan. When Germany Attacked and invaded Poland. Brittain and France declared war. World War 2 had 2 fronts. The europe and the asian front. The united States joined when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

The Cold War

The cold war was fought between America and Russia over the rise or fall of communism. America was betrayed by Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who were russian spies who infiltrated the atomic bomb plans and took them to Russia. Along with the cold war came the space Race. As america and Russia were racing to put the first man in space. America won.

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