Why Marriage is Good Aubrey Dearen

1. You will make and maintain more money than unmarried people.

Salaries increase after marriage and there are tax breaks for married couples. Also, the addition of two incomes instead of one lessens the financial burden on a household and leaves aside money to be saved for the further.

2. You will be more mentally stable.

Marriage increases people's happiness, not only at the start but throughout a wholesome relationship. It also lessens depression, anxiety, and psychological stress. Divorce is also seen to lessen a persons happiness and can lead to the onset of depression.

3. You will be more healthy.

Marriage provides someone to work through sickness with and it also provides a reason to keep going and fighting. Studies also show that married people live longer than unmarried people, because it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and helps boost the immune system.

4. You Will Be More Happy

You have someone you're committed to and that is committed to you, this means you must try to mak you're relationship work. Trying means effort and effort means that you will be proud of your results.

5. Your relationship will be safer and more stable.

You will have someone that is legally tied to you and that is working on the relationship with you, to be with you every step of the way. You will be able to combine finances. If you have a medical problem then you have someone there to help you through it.








(Paraphrased from them all to make my points and the pictures are from the app.)


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