Bad Poetry Colton Landes

Merry christmas

Its a winter night

Foggy and cold

santas favorite night

He has lots of gifts to deliver

The elves have worked all year for this night

Millions of children are excited to find their toys in the morning

Santa sets off with 9 reindeer just after dark

He arrives at the first house

He slips on the icy roof and falls off

Rudolph breaks his fall down below

But rudolph does not survive

Hes been crushed

Now there is no one to guide santa’s sleigh

Santa goes home with only 8 reindeer

No one gets any gifts

Merry christmas


Created with images by Snufkin - "fog forest mountain world" • mil8 - "santa" • Zanastardust - "too icy" • Hans - "soft night man fig christmas"

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