Busy Week

The Children have had lots of fun playing outdoors this week practicing their physical skills. We have seen lots of busy children throwing and catching beanbags, riding bikes and trying very hard to negotiate their way around objects. Some children showed lots of determination while balancing on stilts while others drew and made shapes using paintbrushes, water and foam.
Indoor play has been very busy too. The children are becoming confident while choosing their own resources and we are seeing some lovely independent play. The Story Area is becoming popular and the children are carefully looking through the stories. The children are also spending more time in our Mark Making Area, they are using the tools well and showing control in their drawings. This week we have began making musical instruments for the outdoor area and the focus has been on using recycled material. The children have tried really hard to join different materials together, even though it was very fiddly at times. We can’t wait to test them out next week!
This week we have also started our Talk for Writing story. The tale is called Penguin and the children are becoming very familiar with it. We used a 3D story map to help us retell it and the children did a great job.