The Truth About Mars by: cody & james

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there are 70,000 different kinds of dirt that could grow plants.but the martian soil is different. See, in the right conditions you can grow a crop. And it takes more than just water and soil to grow a plant. You actually need living organisms to furnish the soil. And as far as we know, there are no living organisms on mars. And even if they did, they would soon die to lack of oxygen (because all living things need air(as far as we know)). Scientists have tried testing the martian soil with normal water and it did pretty well. You need oxygen to grow plants. mars has oxygen but it's in water under frozen ice.

In conclusion,the answer to our question is you can grow plants if you turn the ice into water, and make a man-made light source, and oxogen for the organysms to live and fernish the soil. But if you plant a plant on mars, it will 100% die.

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