Humble wishes of my soul By Mirela Metjahic

Life is a sea

when it ripples ,

it takes away our island of salvation .

Sometimes we think ,

Sometimes we hope ,

for better tomorrow ,

for beautiful mornings,

But the wish is so strong that we fall without realizing it .

We have people who are very dear to us ,

They are our sparks of happiness, joy and hope ,

They are our strong support in any occasion, always there to stretch their hand toward us.

Sometimes I think it would be better ,

but encounters tide of sorrow,

It takes away our sweetest moments ,

And we are waiting just for sun to come ,

For that light to touch in our souls ,

For wind to take all evil away .

Why are innocent children with pure hearts first on that evil list , living oppression and going through pains which they don't understand ?

Why are mothers crying over graves for their children instead of giving love and warmth which has no limits ?

Why the world still do not wake?

When it hears that innocent people die,

Why there is no brotherhood?

Lack of love , more wars :(


Mirela Metjahic poetry

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