The Bold Babe's Guide to Intimate Portraits with mitzie gibson


My passion is derived from Bold Babes like you who step into the studio in search of a transformation, not just of physical appearance, but rather, your view of who you are. Through the power of a little pampering, styling, and a whole lot of fun, we are able to help you see what your loved ones see: the strong, fearless, beautiful human inside...right now. Not 10lbs lighter, or when life settles down or the kids have grown up. In my experience, it may never feel like the perfect time until you've experienced it for yourself. I will be with you every step of the way and I promise to provide you with an awesome empowering space to celebrate your beautiful uniqueness and to help you reveal the true YOU!

WARNING: Boudoir sessions with Mitzie Gibson Photography may cause significant boosts in self confidence, self image & self love... you should be prepared for mild withdrawal symptoms and should seek additional boudoir therapy as needed.


photo by Mon Chari Boudoir

Owner & Photographer Mitzie has built The Bold Bodies Collective (aka the Studio) as a safe space for womxn to explore their bodies and selves and have photographic evidence of their inner nature! Be prepared for an amazing experience combined with some self love therapy & incredible images of yourself.


All of our in-studio sessions come with hair & makeup, not because we think you need it, but rather because few things feels better than being taken care of by a styling team! That being said, if makeup isn't your thing and it will make you feel less like yourself, you are more than welcome to decline! (I even offer RAW sessions - real authentic womxn - for a literal stripped down experience). Prior to getting your makeup done, we'll talk about the type of makeup and styles that get you excited and you can feel free to bring in examples of what you are looking for and let our Wizard do the rest. We're going to celebrate you as the bad-ass babe you are, so our makeup and hair will be just to bring out your assets, but still keep you looking like your gorgeous self! During this hour and a half, we'll help you relax and get rid of any last minute nerves by playing the music you like, having a bevvy or two, and keeping you smiling.

But, what do I wear?

Wardrobe is one of the things that stress babes out the most

So, I'm going to make it pretty easy on you! Here are some of my favorite items to shoot:

Colors: Neutral colors (black, white, tan, nude, and blush) or dark colors (burgundy, navy, emerald, plum, gray)

Style: bodysuits, crop top/bra & panties, high waisted panties, tight fitting tank tops, oversize sweaters, shaper slips, bralettes

Shoes: black heels are ideal IF and ONLY IF YOU want to wear them. I love shoes but also think bare feet are great, especially for this type of photography.

But, in case you don't want to go shopping or have a really hard time finding items, I've got you (un)covered with the client wardrobe .

The #BoldBabe Wardrobe features dozens of pieces in a range of sizes from XS - XXXL!

I don't want you to have to worry about your boudoir session, so to help narrow down your options of what to wear, I'll send you my full Guide to Lingerie & Less. In addition to that, I have compiled gorgeous pieces in all sizes to give you more options. I am a big believer that less is more when it comes to styling your sessions. Wear what makes YOU feel good, not what society might tell you is sexy. While you are being taken care of in hair & makeup, I'll go through your items and determine which will be best for your shoot!

At the very least bring the following items to your shoot: black bra, black panties, and a nude or black thong.

Places I suggest to shop include:

In Person: Forever 21, Adore Me Natick MA, Target (yes, they stepped up their lingerie game), and your local lingerie boutiques.

Online: yandy.com, hipsandcurves.com, playfulpromises.com, and adoreme.com

BONUS: USE CODE 'BOLDBABE' TO SHOP WITH BURGUNDY FOX AND GET 15% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE. Burgundy Fox offers curated lingerie from designer brands on a one-time or monthly subscription basis.

Don't forget your own closet as well. If it fits, you can move in it, and you feel great in it, it's a perfect outfit for your Bold Babe Experience!


I'm excited to be able to provide an amazing studio space west of Boston in Holliston MA, located at 24 Water St., (the Hollistion Mill Artist Studios). The space is blessed with gorgeous natural light, originating from two full walls of windows on the top floor for privacy.

The studio is multi-purpose, with room for your reveal & features our stunning Flower Wall, boho swinging chair, and deep plum vintage velvet settee (say that one three times fast!) affectionately named 'Gorgeous Red'. Workshops & Events also take place for The Bold Bodies Collective in this space!

I like to change it up regularly, so each time you come back, we can do something a little different. I also like to build sets for creative sessions, so you're welcome to incorporate elements of that into your personal session and bring in some extra items to spice up the set!


As your dedicated boudoir specialist, I got your angles.

After photographing so many clients just like you, I have made it my mission to help babes find their "voice" again by emphasizing YOUR look to feel your best! Regardless of size, shape, gender identity or otherwise, I'll help you tell YOUR story and document you as you decide. This will make you think twice about saying negative things to your body ever again! Each year, I devote time and resources to building my own education and experience in the technical stuff (lighting etc) as well as studying more and more about people (mind and body!) to achieve the emotional, honest and raw vibe that is prevalent in my work. In addition to the physical posing, I will also work on helping you improve your body image and relationship with yourself. During your session, I will apply that expertise to make you look and feel like the bombshell you are!


You can rest easy knowing that my soul mission is for you to fall in love with YOURSELF, and not a twisted, false version of you. This means that while I do take care to retouch out certain distractions (just the temporary ones that will usually fade in 2 weeks) and add a pop to your images, you will look like the fierce, bad-ass babe that you are every day! It's important that you see yourself....ALL of yourself and learn to appreciate that you are capable of achieving awesomeness despite these things you think hold you back. The one thing I REFUSE to do with Photoshop, however, is to manipulate your body to reflect a different size than you actually are.

Your Boudoir Experience

When Will I Receive My Final Portrait Order?

You will receive your final order in 6-8 weeks or less. Your reveal will take place no later than 14 days after your session! If you have a specific date that you need your photos by, let me know ahead of time and I'll try my best to make that happen for you. PLEASE NOTE, I RECOMMEND BOOKING YOUR SESSION 1-2 MONTHS IN ADVANCE AS WELL AS 6-8 WEEKS BEFORE YOU NEED YOUR IMAGES + ALBUM.

Pre-Shoot Preparation

Once you book your shoot, you'll receive our welcome email, questionnaire, wardrobe guide, and contract to help us get ready for your shoot! When you arrive for your hair & makeup, you'll see some images to help you determine the look you want!


When you arrive at the studio, park behind the building but watch out for the signs; make your way to the door at loading B and head up to the 4th floor (Unit 4-24). It can be a bit of a maze, so you're welcome to text or call when you arrive and be shown up, or found if you lose you way! Look for the 'Bold Bodies Collective' sign on the door. I want you to feel 100% comfortable in the studio and also feel the vibe of empowerment as soon as you walk in the door.

As you settle in for hair & makeup, I will go through the items that you brought and pull pieces from the #BoldBabe Wardrobe to help you look your best. While I am doing that, my pro stylist (aka the Wizard) will chat with you about the exact look you are wanting and provide you with options to choose from. This way we can ensure that you look like yourself, but are ready to be on camera! Be warned: It is A LOT more makeup than day to day makeup as it is "photo ready" so you may be taken aback, just PLEASE trust us that it will look perfect in the photos!

I want you to know that butterflies in the tummy are totally normal before a session; between chitchatting with us and music playing in the background, your nerves will have pretty much disappeared when we start shooting! Nerves just mean you care and are about to do something new and exciting, pushing outside your comfort zone to help yourself grow as a person.

Once we start shooting, I will continually give you direction and advise you on how to pose. My job as your boudoir specialist is to help you channel your inner confidence and bring out your sensual side. In addition to talking through how to pose, I will demonstrate for you! I understand that you are not a professional model (though you will feel like one), I AM a professional photographer and it is my job to make you look like fire, so trust in me and you will leave with amazing images!

When we are exhausted and empowered at the end of your session, we'll pick a time for you to come back about 10-14 days later for your reveal and purchasing session! I will send you on your way with some fun stuff to help you remember your awesome Bold Babe Experience!


When you come back to the studio for your purchasing session, we'll sit down to view your amazing photos! You will get to see yourself in the form of a beautiful slideshow! But be forewarned: many clients tend to tear up after seeing themselves in a different light.

If you are from outside of the greater Boston area, we'll arrange a time for us to do a remote reveal, so you still get my professional assistance in helping you choose your final art images.

It's not very often we love a lot of photos of ourselves, but I know you won't have that problem at your reveal. Once we have your images decided, then we will determine how you want to enjoy your images. Luxury album, digital collection with unlimited printing, wall art? All 3? The sky's the limit, I just want to make sure you get what feels right for you!

Your purchasing session is the time that you will be required to pay for your beautiful art. I accept payment right at the studio in the form of cash, etransfer, or credit card and once your payment has been received, your order gets sent off to be created! If you are looking to spread out your payments, I recommend opting for the Square Installments payment plan! It's the option that allows you to spread out your cost for session + collection/products for up to 12 months! Ask me about this during your consultation!

Get excited, because you will be holding your awesome images in less than 6-8 weeks once I have received payment in full! I am even able to speed up orders of rush gifts for a small fee if required, just let me know ahead of time!


To book your Bold Babe Experience Session, I require 50% the session fee to be paid at the time of booking with the remaining 50% due 2 weeks before your scheduled session. The session fee is non-refundable and can be applied to 1 reschedule. This fee will cover our prep, booking your pro hair/makeup artist, time photographing, editing, and customer service.

Sessions are booked on Mondays, Fridays, and alternate Sundays at 10am.

(Images not included in session fee)

Bold Babe Experience Session: $500

The Bold Babe Experience Session includes professional hair/makeup (unless opting out), pre-shoot consultation and lingerie guide, access to our Wardrobe which features pieces in all sizes, 3 outfits + nudes, 90 minute session with Mitzie Gibson, and a private viewing of your gallery containing 75+ fully edited images from your session.

(Images not included in session fee)



Your REVEAL & PURCHASING SESSION will be the final opportunity to purchase your images & desired collection, and there is a studio minimum purchase of $250. I strive to provide you with the highest quality products from professional labs, so you can rest assured that we only give you the best of the best!

[Pre-Purchase your products and save 15%!]



[For the babe that HATES to make decisions...]

[ 6.25% MA Tax will be added to physical products]


Premium collections feature luxury, handcrafted albums. These collections are for the babe who is ready to fully invest in her self love experience and have products that hold up over time, so in 20+ years, you can look back and remember what a fierce bad ass babe you are. With a variety of leather, leatherette, and suede covers, these collections will have you falling head over heels in love with yourself.

The Bold Collection

3100 +tax

Don't like making decisions? Can't narrow down your images? Receive your entire digital image gallery, an 8x10 Luxury Album with 15 spreads, a handcrafted rose-gold glass display box, and 20X30 heirloom wall art.

[Additional spreads can be added for $25/spread]



35 digital images



8x10 Custom Leather Album (10 spreads // wrapped with your choice of Premium leather)


8x10 Empowerment Album with Luxe Cover (10 spreads // wrapped with Embossed Leather)

[Additional images can be added for $40/image // Add on a Premium Linen Folio box with 15 images for $245]


Classic Collections are comprised of our accessible line of albums that aim to deliver your amazing images in a beautiful way. With a variety of beautiful linen & leather options, these collections are perfect for the budget-conscious babe who just wants a little somethin' somethin' to show off her bad ass self.


1879 + tax

25 digital images


8x8 Custom Daring Album (10 spreads // wrapped with black genuine leather)


Handcrafted Rose-Gold Display Box (15 prints, 5x7)

[Additional images can be added for $45 per image]


1400 + tax

20 digital images


8x8 Custom Confidence Album (10 spreads // wrapped with black linen)

[Additional images can be added for $45 per image]


995 + tax

15 digital images


6x6 Custom Babe Album (10 spreads // black linen cover)

[Additional images can be added for $50 per image]


Simply use the phrase: knowledgeispower when booking online or mention it in your consultation and guarantee yourself a digital image FOR FREE at your reveal session! Now, keep reading!! There's more exciting info ahead!


[These are our build your own collection options // add on to your collection & save 25% // 6.25% MA tax added]


One of my favorite add ons (I actually have 4 of myself in my house!) because not only is it a striking, beautiful piece of art....BUT IT IS YOU! Wall art is a great way to remind yourself every day just how magnificent, fearless and confident you are!


639 + tax

[digital image not included]


425 + tax

[digital image not included]


By purchasing the a la carte digital files, you will be receiving full printing rights to the images and the ability to created unlimited prints and products! Digital files will come via email in a downloadable file, or if you've purchased a display box, you'll also receive them on a custom USB.

10 images: $875

15 images: $1100

20 images: $1400

25 images: $1700

35+ images: $50 per image

< 10 images: $100 per image

[all orders are final will have 6.25% MA sales tax applied]



Where are you located? And do you travel? My studio and office is located at 24 Water St. Holliston MA, USA, but I am absolutely available for travel. You can either wait until I am headed to a city near you or book me to come to you (additional travel costs will be applied).

Do I bring my own lingerie or do you supply it? While I suggest bringing your own items to wear for your shoot, you will also have access to my Wardrobe Closet to help fulfill your dream session!

Do you shoot with props? Not often. I am big on minimalist shooting, making you the sole focus. If there is something meaningful to you like a piece of jewelry or something that will give you a specific vibe - like a guitar - then we can discuss it. I won't shoot anything that will turn you from a gorgeous human into a product. I want YOU to look confident and hot AF for you and not get distracted with a bunch of 'stuff'.

Do you include digitals with your session fee? No. You select and purchase your images at your amazing reveal!

If I don't purchase my images at my reveal, can I come back later and get them? We want to make sure that you get your absolute favorite images, so we will keep your entire gallery on file for 24hrs after your reveal for anything you may have missed. In my experience, clients who don't fall in love with them the day of their reveal, never come back to get them. If anything, they just book a new shoot!

Do you shoot on location? Provided I can approve the space beforehand this is definitely an option. Ample natural light is a must.

Is there parking by your studio? Yes! There is parking in the lot behind the building; After 5pm and on weekends there is additional space.

Is hair & makeup included with my session fee? Yes and no. If you come to the studio in Holliston MA, absolutely! If I am traveling then it is not included but can either be arranged for you, or you can arrive with hair and makeup already done.


"These were photos of me that were FOR me; these weren’t for posterity or proof or at someone else’s request, or to benefit a third party in any way. This was a way to shift my perspective, and to claim my chin and knees and belly button and everything else I’ve always felt awkward about because I was afraid of the judgement of other people. The woman in the photos was purely me: no makeup and no body shaping clothes, none of the things women wear to hide or adjust the things we’re told not to accept about ourselves."

"It's crazy to see a picture of myself like this, Mitzie is amazing! She made me feel so beautiful. I'm at the end of my rope with people trying to make me feel bad about my body; I should be able to want to feel sexy whenever I damn well please. She's super professional as well as just being sweet and hilarious to work with. I had a blast working with her recently, and I would love to do it again sometime! The pictures turned out absolutely gorgeous."

"One of the things I loved about working with Mitzie is she asked both how I did and did not want to be shot; I was very blunt when I told her that I'm so sick of modeling for male gaze photography, and she really honored that... Mitzie held space so beautifully, helped me to feel safe, never forced me to look at the camera, let me have shitty posture, and worked with all that. So grateful."

"Working with Mitzie was a life changing experience. She is unique in her craft and a true artist with her work. I can't remember being more consistently comfortable with my body and letting myself be okay with embracing my beauty than I have been since my session with her..”

"Putting yourself out for a boudoir session can be an intimidating thing- but have no doubt that you will rock it and Mitzie will help you. You'll come out on the other end of your session feeling confident, and empowered - and having had a blast just getting to explore how awesome your body really is. At the end, you'll have the gorgeous photos to prove it to yourself as well!"





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