My Humanities Country BY seth lindsey

A brief history on my country:


A brief history on my country is that they were scavengers and raided to take villages and conquer there neighboring countries, They started off in a small island named severed island. They were poor but they knew how to fight and this is how our country grew into power but with this many people to obey them what would their government look like?

Severed Island


This island lived near Europe and Ireland, what our country goals were to take over Ireland and Europe and move further inland to conquer neighboring towns. They reason why I chose this spot was I thought that it looked convenient and would fit in with the other countries. Also I thought that their life style would end up matching their neighbors


Lets start off by telling you their old tongue, the language of the ancient ways were called old Norse. It is a forgotten language but this is what they spoke, now I will tell you about what they most commonly ate. They farmed wheat for bread and mostly relied on killing animals and raiding villages to get food for the country. They entertainment was training and learning to hunt, to then be able to raid villages. They believed in many gods and purged to please them. Their main transportation on land was horse and sea was boat nothing else. They don’t get an education only learning how to fight, and pets they really didn’t have pets. There is not tourism in my country.


My type of government is called a timocracy, what is a timocracy? Well it is basically the person that becomes the leader is who has the most honor. So who ever gets the most honor is the most appreciated person and up in the food chain. Well how do become a leader in my country or how do you win honor. The way that you can achieve this is by war and by leading your fellows to victory. Now I know that my country does not necessarily go to war but they do have fights and raid villages. So I thought that this would be a good type of government for my country. What are the laws and rules in my country? There are really no rules in my country but mainly just survival it is a fend for yourself type of think and that means they survive on there own and there is no type of real currency. But they mainly just farm and raid for their family so that could be there job. But in rules no has to follow anything but there still consequences if you raided an ally then they might want to kill you. This military part of my government is that they all would team up if there is a threat to break out and they would join forces to defeat the enemy.


Since my country has no allies and everybody hates them because they steal there stuff, we do not export or receive goods so my country is keeping itself a float and they are doing just fine. There main currency is really any goods that they have that the other wants and they will exchange. So there is no value system to the goods but it still works. As I had said before my country has no jobs and there only responsibility is survival.


How my country travels is by horse, boat. This is the only way people get around my country and to go raid nearby countries. We do not have technology except for the items we invent which is still medieval type of technology. No fancy computers or cars for this country. We have inventors that make better stronger boats and weapons, armor anything that will benefit my country. It is a very strong independent country.


This is the main over view of how my country works in all aspects and how it will thrive and will fall, It is not the best country but I think that it will work and it is pretty cool.

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