The circulatory system By : Ellie

Circulatory System Diagram

Circulatory system body parts

Heart: Sends blood through your body, it is in the upper left hand corner in your chest, you can protect your heart by eating vegetables and not smoking.

Arteries:Carry blood away from the heart so the blood won't affect it, it is in the third part of heart on the right, you can protect your arteries by eating good fat and sea food

Veins: return blood to the heart, veins are throughout your body, you cthe an protect your veins by not touching other people's blood because it could get in your DNA if others blood gets in your liver you could get really sick and possibly die

Blood: the blood helps oxygen and nutrients throughout your body and carries away waste, your blood is throughout your body ,you can protect your blood by exercising and eating healthy

Spleen: destroys bacteria and other germs it also stores and recycles red blood cells, it is located under the rib cage and above the stomach in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen, you can protect your spleen by eating warm cooked meals

How to take care of your Circulatory System

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