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Tale of Two Brains

Woman: What are you thinking about?

Man: Nothing

Woman: What?!?!

Man: Yeah literally nothing

The male and female brain work differently.


  1. 5 minutes: 5 minutes
  2. Nothing: it's really nothing
  3. (Sigh): everything is good


  1. 5 minutes: 30 minutes +
  2. Nothing: something's up or wrong
  3. (Sigh): you're an idiot

Men's brains are separated into sections or boxes for everything. They use one of these boxes at a time.

In a woman's brain everything is connected similar to highways, making it easier for us to multitask.

When a woman gives her virginity to a man before earning his heart he's got everything he wanted.

Woman give so much that they forget to take for themselves.

Get a man to do what you want

  1. Ask more than once
  2. Ask the right way
  3. Be appreciative of the little things
  4. Barter with him

1 of 4 college white girls have an eating disorder

Black woman carry themselves in a way that says "What you looking at?"

Hispanic women act like the run the world.

Yo Mama

"You gotta climb the palm tree."

- Mark Gungor

Premarital Sex

When you have have sex before marriage it imprints your future sexual experiences and sex becomes about lust not love

People who wait to have sex have a fraction of the divorce rate of the rest of the world.

Man imprint on the girl rather than just sex when married.

Having sex before marriage can imprint the rest of your life.

Women don't respond the same after having multiple sex partners release less oxytocin.

FEmale Needs in Sex

  1. Exclusivity (man focuses on just one women)
  2. Privacy (she wants it to be safe and private)
  3. Time (Take your time)
  4. Foreplay (learn to climb the palm tree)
  5. Romance (men need to be lovers of their women)

Emotional CHanges

After a women had a child she changes emotionally, physically, and her disires change, but the man remains the same.

Survey about what's most important to each gender


  1. sex
  2. food
  3. sleep


  1. sleep
  2. food
  3. sex

Hollywood tells us that lust, porn, and masturbation leads to fantastic sex, but it's a lie. The more you do these things the worse your sex is.

Some psychologists have even proscribed couples to have an affair their sex.

Class Notes

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27

The Bible is the only religious book that depicts a woman as equal to man.

Language of Making Love

  1. You are uniquely special to me
  2. In each other we are complete
  3. I find my place of belonging in you


God loves romance, he created it. Just like us God wants to be pursued. Every woman wants to be loved, chosen and fought for. Addictions come into place when when we aren't pursued or even go unnoticed. Even if a woman doesn't show it deep down they want to be seen and pursued.


Every girl wants to know that she is beautiful. Some ask with words while others ask with their eyes. Even though wanting to be beautiful causes grief we still want it. We want to be beautiful on the inside and out.

Sex Before MarriagE

Men want to recreate past sexual experiences during marriage. Women want to feel an afterglow after sex to give it meaning. If you have sex with many different partners or someone you're not in love with you will release less and less oxytocin.

Female Needs

  • To feel beautiful
  • Security

MaLe needs

  • Challenges
  • To be needed
  • Time with the boys

Dating the Right Way

  • Start with prayer
  • Only go on double or group dates
  • Spend no more than 5 minutes alone
  • Keep you knees together


Infants need to be touched unless they won't thrive as they mature. The need for this connection never goes away.


4 - 8 - 12

survive - maintain - growth

Paul Newman

Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward
“Why go out for a hamburger when you have a steak at home”

Richardo Montalban

Richardo Montalbon and his wife Georgiana Young
“Good Lover is one who can keep one woman satisfied all her life not many women once… any dog can do that.”


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