Fresco Faith Brueilly pd.2 drawing & painting

My artwork says "Soph, she loved her life". The title of my artwork is called Soph. One element that i used was color. I created my work by first making the cement part and getting it out flat and getting all the bubbles out. I then painted the words on and waited for it to dry. After it was dry I used water color paint to splatter paint it and then I added a clear coat. Sophia inspired my work. I painted this because she was my best friend and i miss her a lot. I want to create work that is important to somebody. This piece does help me reach my goal because it is important to me. This is important to me because Sophia loved life, she was always so bright and happy whenever I saw her. Her smile could light up a whole room. In this project I learned how to create the cement part of it. This piece is how I imagined it even though after I put on the clear coat it smeared. This will influence my other pieces by the memory of Sophia.

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