The most amazing night ever. in the southern hemisphere

I was in New Zealand during the winter vacation.
One day, my home stay host told me to go to the swimming pool nearby our home. I really love swimming, so I was excited for it. But suddenly she had to go to an important appointment, so it was canceled.
So instead of going swimming, I went to a theater in the downtown with my friend. We choose the movie Lion.
I bought a bottle of feijoa juice, and my friend bought a chocolate cookie. We shared these.

We were waiting for the movie to start, looking around the interior of the theater. While we were watching the movie, someone's phone rang. And that person went outside to answer the phone.

While I was watching the movie, I got sad. So my friend gave me a piece of tissue quietly.

After the movie ended, we had to go home separately because our home stays were located in different places. It was very dark and silent night when I got outside the theater. In addition, there was no bus home. So, I had to go home by walking. At first, I was very scared, so I was dripping with sweat while walking.
To make matters worse, there were no streetlamps, so I turned on the flashlight on my phone.
But when I reached nearby my home stay, I got relief. And at that moment I saw many stars and constellations in the sky which were not observable in my country. So I can't forget this memory, in which I saw a great movie in English, and many amazing constellations and stars.


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