Power edTech Weekly September 28, 2020

Welcome to a new week!

I just want to start this week's edition with a shout out to all of y'all in the Northbridge Public Schools. What you are doing is nothing short of amazing! You are literally reinventing education under incredible stressful, uncertain, and uncontrollable times. The attitudes and perseverance that I have seen from everyone is inspiring. I'm grateful to be a part of it!

This week's edition contains a number of tricks and tips that I have worked on as a result of your emails and conversations that I have had with administrators, staff, students, and families. If you have an idea, question, or tip to share, let me have it! I'd love to share with others.

This Week's Quick Tips

Zoom Tips

This week seemed to be a "better" week for Zoom. The first week of school was rough, for a number of reasons. Zoom didn't help because of the high demand to using remote conferencing as many schools started up for the year. With that, a number of questions came up:

Downloading Videos

Shhh! This is a super top secret. Sometimes you need to download a video from the internet. Here's how.

Getting Geeky with Data Studio

If you love analyzing data (and really, who doesn't?) and you haven't had the chance to check out Data Studio, allow me opportunity to introduce you! Data Studio is a powerful (free) and (relatively) easy tool to help you visualize data from a Google Sheet. I put together a Data Studio Help Center where you can see what it does and get all the info you need to be an analytical whiz.

The Toolbox

Every day hundreds, no THOUSANDS of educators from across the globe post little tidbits of goodness that can help inspire a new lesson or show you a new tip or trick. Honestly, it's where I get most of my info from. I have put together a "Toolbox" via Wakelet that I have forwarded fun tweets and other links that can help you out. Check out The Tooolbox here.

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