Joshua and 1 Kings

Joshua enters the promised land. He defeats several communities and creates the home for the people of Israel. Made famous in song is the conquest of Jericho when the walls came tumbling down.

"The Book shows four main divisions: preparations for the attack, conquest of the land, apportionment of the land to the tribes by lots, and two national assemblies called by Joshua." (Harper Collins Study Bible) The time period is around 1225 BCE to 1000 BCE. Themes include Divine Warrior and "Just War."

1 Kings concerns the anointing of Solomon as king of Israel after the death of David around 970 BCE. 1 Kings also details the building of the Temple in Jerusalem as well as the death of Solomon and subsequent kings. Solomon was known as a wise and prosperous king, but was he really?

"within this larger work, i kings covers the end of David's reign and the reign of Solomon, the division of Israel into two separate kingdoms of Israel and Judah, and the history of the two kingdoms to the death of the Israelite king Ahab and the succession of his son ahaziah." (Harper Collins Study bible) Themes include adherence to the laws in Deuteronomy


Created with images by cod_gabriel - "Map of ancient Palestine/Israel" • Hitchster - "Stone wall" • - " Jerusalem, Israel - Western Wall - Mur des lamentations - Mur occidental - Photo image picture"

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