Domestic issues:

- Large numbers of strikes and protests on freedom of speech and religion.

- growing crime rates

Gorbachev... and the arms race

Gorbachev knew Russia could not compete with the USA in the arms race anymore due to domestic issues + problems with the satellite states.

He also knew the USSR could not continue to use it's military strength to increase it's influence on the outside world. Cooperation > confrontation!

He stopped using force with the satellite states which made the USA happy .

The USSR's failing economy could not support the arms race. resulted in the Summit meetings... this helped relations with...... 'Reagan'.

Gorbachev's inability to support the arms race anymore was partly because of Reagan - his increased spending in the early 1980s forced him to slow it down!

$325.1 billion in 1980, $339.6 million in 1981, $456.5 billion in 1987!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Reagan

fun fact about Gorbachev: when he was a teenager his job was driving a tractor. he was the youngest person (he was 17) to win the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for his active role in bringing in that year’s bumper crop

Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

December 1979 - the Soviet Union sent 1000s of troops into Afghanistan + assumed complete military and political control of Kabul and large portions of the country.

Russia wanted to end the Afghan civil war and create a friendly soviet state on their border...... . . .

The Soviet-Afghan Friendship Treaty was signed in 1978.


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