February News from Bread and Water for Africa® Lerato has light now, Kuda and the Seed School, and more!

This month, we are pleased to report that Kuda and more than 100 of her classmates at the Seed School in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya are receiving two healthy, filling meals each school day, as well as feeding their minds with knowledge. In Zimbabwe, dozens of children can now study by electric light with newly-installed solar panels at their children’s home. And across the continent, tens of thousands of Africans are benefiting from health clinics, wells, schools, children’s homes and agricultural programs. All of this has been made possible thanks to the compassionate and generous supporters of Bread and Water for Africa®.

Transforming the Lives of Children in Kibera

Kuda was born in the small Kenyan village of Jera in 2007 and never knew her father who left before she was born. It was a struggle for her mother raising Kuda and her three siblings to ensure all the children got enough to eat.

Following the death of her mother, Kuda’s life sank even deeper, being left with her minor brothers who could not support her in any way, according to Patrick Odongo, project leader of the Seed School, Bread and Water for Africa's newest partner in the country.

However, when Patrick learned of her plight, he managed to bring her to Nairobi to attend the Seed School and her bleak life turned bright.

“Today, Kuda is able to attend studies every day and benefit from the feeding program that we offer at the Seed School,” Patrick reported.

Currently, we are working to raise the funds necessary to provide Kuda and more than 100 of her new classmates with two meals each school day for an entire year. The school is located in the slums of Kibera – and thanks to our compassionate and generous supporters, we are well on our way to achieving our goal!

Yes, Lerato has light now; THANK YOU!

At Shinga Development Trust’s Lerato Children’s Home, nearly two dozen orphaned and abandoned children were living in darkness this past year. The country has struggled with crippling, rolling blackouts, leaving the children and millions of Zimbabweans without electricity for roughly 20 hours a day.

For us and our longtime partner, Margaret Makambira, who had just in the past year completed construction of the children’s home - the situation was untenable.

“Zimbabwe is experiencing blackouts up to 20 hours daily cause lots of distractions to the orphans at the home,” reported Margaret in November. “Children cannot do their school assignments, and food is going bad.

“The need of solar instillation is crucial so life can be easier for the children,” she said.

She turned to us, and we turned to our supporters, who quickly and generously provided the $3,000 necessary to install solar panels. This will ensure that Margaret and the children in her care will have all the electricity they need – and at no cost for years to come!

What we Hope to do Throughout Africa, Thanks to Our Supporters Across the Country

The need for assistance throughout Africa is great, Friend. This year, as we have done for more than 20 years, we hope to continue providing help in a variety of ways to villages and communities where it’s needed most.

With your support, we hope to ship containers packed with medicines, medical supplies and equipment to clinics in Sierra Leone to benefit children, mothers and the elderly in particular; in Uganda, we plan to dig wells providing safe, clean water for thousands; in Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe, we want to provide hundreds of children with safe, loving homes; in Kenya and Uganda, our goal is to increase food self-sufficiency; and also in Kenya, we need to ensure that more than 100 school children won’t go hungry through our feeding program in the slum of Kibera and that tens of thousands of students will receive thousands of books.

Believe us when we say, your support is needed now more than ever. Thank you for everything you do to support us, Friend - you're helping us to positively transform communities throughout Africa every day!