April Newsletter All-College Honors Program 2018-2019


Our annual Honors Banquet!
Thanks to the CrescenDON'Ts for their entertainment!
Thank you to all who joined us for such a lovely evening!
A special thanks to Adelle Tucker and Danielle Galbraith for giving their time to capture these moments!


Please spread the word about Giving Day and encourage family, friends, and alumni to donate to the Honors Program page!!

This is one of the most important days to ensure financial support to the Honors Program and allows us to continue to provide opportunities to our members.


Best of luck to anyone who still has to register this month!

If you have any issues with scheduling Honors classes for the Fall Semester, please go directly to Dr. Dierenfield with questions.

Boston Travel and Learn

From April 5-7, a group of 15 Honors Students will take part in our annual Travel and Learn Trip!

Activities include volunteering at a local soup kitchen and visiting various sites to take in the rich historic culture of Boston.

Safe travels to all those participating!

Reminder: If you are interested in going on a Travel and Learn Trip in the future, it is important that you actively attend HSA events, as such students are given preference to going on the trip.

Easter Party

When: April 22nd, 5-7 pm

Where: Honors Lounge

Stop in to the Honors Lounge to eat some candy, decorate Easter eggs, and enjoy the playing of Peter Cottontail!

Contact Briana Garcia with any questions about the Honors Lounge events (garciab@canisius.edu).

Last Lecture

When: April 25, 5:30 pm

Where: Grupp

The Last Lecture is an event that has been a part of the Canisius Honors Program for several years. The event entails a professor giving a speech on a topic of their choice to round out the academic year. This year, Dr. Wadkins will be speaking.

Refreshments will be provided (possibly servingĀ Chick-fil-A, so STAY TUNED!!)

Honors Student of the Month

Lauren Shine

This past month's Honors Student of the month was Lauren Shine. Lauren is a senior in the Honors Program, majoring in History and Pre-Dental. Here are some facts about Lauren:

Describe Honors in one word: Engaging

Favorite Honors course: Disease and Medicine in America

Favorite Honors Experience: Writing her Thesis

Campus Involvement: USA Senator, Chair- USA Public Health Committee, President of Phi Alpha Theta & History Club

Interesting Fact: She works as a medical scribe in a local ER

She was also awarded the Kristin M. Brady Award for Excellence in Thesis at the Honors Banquet!

Thank you, Lauren, for all that you have contributed to Canisius and our Honors Program these past 4 years! We wish you the best of luck in your future!

Please contact Pat Collins with any questions, concerns, or feedback about this semester at collin71@canisius.edu

Thank you so much for reading!

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Congratulations to our elected 2019-2020 Executive Board!

President: Jake Dollendorf

Vice President: Megan Rooney

Secretary: Anna Gullo

Treasurer: Sean Rooney

Communications Chair: Claire Rosenecker

Thank you to all those who ran for a position! Please stay on the look out for an email about HSA Class Representative elections.

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