Bell Island "love is a power, hate is only a word"

"Welcome to Bell Island"

Bell island is the name of a country that some people will only dream of. The island was based off the name Bell because the meaning of Bell means many things but it means beauty or beautiful. The island was named this because we believe in the nature beauty of the island and the people who live there, they are beautiful on not only the outside, but the inside as well.

Old Bell island Map

Location: An island in the middle of the ocean on earth.

About Bell


The flag to represent Bell island is blue to represent divine nature. Because we are all people of our own nature we want it to represent who we are and who we will try to be as we grow as a person. While some people will not understand that or see that it doesn’t matter to the people of bell because they know it is true. In the center is a golden tree, the gold part of it is to represent that we are like gold perfect just the way we are. The tree is to represent are lineages are family lines and everyone who came before those on the island. Who they are and that they are all connected as people. The tree also represents the natural beauty of the island.

Government Type: Republic

The republic government is favored on this island because it is a very fair, and it looks like it will be the best for everyone on the island. The power is held by the people of Bell, and who they elect to be representatives. And everyone is equal, all of the rights are protected and the laws are set and honored.


  1. Obey your elders, your father, and your mother.
  2. Never steal, nor lie.
  3. Never partake in harmful drugs, smoking, or alcohol.
  4. Respect the land and everything on it.
  5. Don’t give up, or let others tell you who to be.
  6. Love everyone around you, find a good way to forgive.

All the laws follow what we want on the island. The island is very different from everyone else in this world, because we already know who we want to be and understand how we can be the best person we can be. The laws are simple but they define who we are.

Official Languages: English & Sign Language

English because it is a great language, and it is one that is used often. But also Sign language because is is very important, it is different, unique, and many people need sign language to thrive.

Religion: Mormonism

We believe this to be true, I believe it to be true. Mormonism is our main religion, everyone on the island believes in it, but while we open are arms to anyone who isn't, we encourage them to follow the religion. But we let them be them.

And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins. -2 Nephi 25:26

Currency: Silver

Silver because I think that it is saying no one is perfect but we are all important and one day we will turn into gold. Just like silver can become so much to get gold. Gold is also over used in this world, silver is used but not as often, and so it will be a great currency to use because there is a lot more of it.

Exports: Geo Rocks, Clothing, Books, Fruit, Paints, Fish, and Animals.

We exports lots of different things the usual Clothing sewed by are selves, books, and paints made by our community. We also Export Geo Rocks in our caves, but that is very unusual we keep them on the island, Geo rocks are important because we see it as we might be dull on the outside but on the inside we are like crystals just like a Geo. We export fish that we have gotten from the ocean surrounding our island. And the last is we breed animals and so we sell them to farms around the world who can love them, and put them to good use.


Imports: Fabric, food, grains, and anything that we might need to create our creations from the island.

Almost everything on the island is created from the island itself. And we do other things that are imported but the island is very resourceful. We need things like other foods we can not grow or make, also grains. We need fabric because while we can make it there are other things we need to make and so it is hard to make that all the time we ship it in instead.



The island of Bell if a very respected island, were the focus isn't trying to always develop the island, but the focus is of the people in the island. Who they are, as a person. The island was founded by a small group of people 100’s of years ago, there were 6, 3 men, and 3 women who wanted a new island that they could raise a family in, a community. They wanted their island to be built on the base of love, respect, people would live there who were smart not just educationally, but they would also be smart in who they are as a person and what they could do to make a difference, they would know how to notice the simplest things in life. When they arrived at the island, they saw immediately that no human had been there befor. It was striving with animals and wildlife, it was beautiful and they wanted to keep it that way. We as an island relia on the island so we don't exploit it we don't steal anything or take it for granted. We do not want the island to become super developed because we need a beautiful island where people focus more on who they are as a person and less on what they can do to make them fake. That is where Bell came in. There island is shaped as a turtle because of the beauty of it they wanted to name it Bell. A word for Beauty, but then if you look at the island and the people in it you would come to a more of an understanding. The island today is well received and it the people in it are beautiful and unique they are different from everyone else, because they want to be them, not what others tell them to be. From the start the island was built on integrity, truth, beauty, Justice, and love. No matter what we will remember who we are and we will take that into account when ever we have any problems.


The island of Bell is built up of people who are smart educationally and logically as a person. That is why we expect them to have above a 3.6 GPA it should never drop, but we expect the most out of you, so that you will have a 4.0 or more GPA. Everyone will feel like they are succeeding in life because we say you will not fail, you will only find a way to try something new, and to try a little harder. Are education has a preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1-12. We have them separated into elementary, middle, and high school and we have one of each at this point with 3 teachers for every grade, through elementary, and then in middle and high school we have 1-2 teachers for every subject of every grade. After high school, you continue to college, whether that is off of the island or on the island. On the island we do have one college where anyone can apply. It is the university of Bell.


All of are technology is very modern, we have all the technology as the normal America would. We do have cars because the one town we have is pretty big town. We have all the new technology but that doesn't mean that we use it. It seems like this generation needs to have the newest technology. We don't need that stuff on Bell we have computers, but at schools and work we tend to use more writing materials, and books. We have cell phones but we all don't need to have the newest phone.

Social Class

We do not have social classes, yes some of us might be richer than others, or some of us might not have as much money. But that does not change who we are as a group of people. If someone needs help we help them give them money or take care of there kids at a time of need. But we will never define who we are as people, we will always be equal in worth. That is why we love everyone because we don't believe in defining someone by how much they have, because sometimes they don't have much because they are trying hard to help make someone else life better.

Lies, build our earth, and they live in the air and they fill are lungs, confusing us and forcing us not to trust anyone, in fear the we might become a lie ourselves. That is why on the island we tell nothing but the truth, we will not bend the rules, we never judge anyone for who we are.

Are world seems to be obsessed with being of the highest rank in the world. Having all the newest fashions, having millions of shoes, needing to have an abundance of accessories. And it seems like this day and time we cake are faces with make up, and strive to make are bodies something they aren't. It's not right, and that is something we do not believe in. We believe in being who we are, we can have these things but it is not something we need in our world. The reason our island is named Bell is because that is a word for beauty, everyone has beauty weather they chose to see it or not and that is something that our island can and will see.


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