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Since returning to full time in-person instruction on April 8, students have been enjoying the spring weather for outdoor learning and play. While many of the usual spring rituals and events will not take place in person this year or are being modified if they do, our students, families and faculty are thrilled to be back!

April, 2021

District Highlights

  • Hommocks Students "Bake for Good" and Share with Mamk Food Pantry
  • 20th Annual Poetry Live Event Goes Virtual This Year, Celebrating Our Mamaroneck High School and Hommocks Middle School Young Poets
  • BOE Adopts Proposed MUFSD Budget: Community Vote is Tuesday, May 18
  • You Can Now Receive MUFSD Notifications on Your Phone
  • District Equity Team Meets to Review Progress on Key Initiatives
  • MAS and MHS Orchestra Students Collaborate for Spring Virtual Concert
  • PTAs Show Teacher Appreciation in Advance of Official May Festivities
  • MHS Debate Reaches National Tournament of Champions Elimination Rounds
  • Dos Caminos/Dual Language Program 5th Graders Explore Children's Rights
  • Mamaroneck Volleyball Wins Westchester Regional Championship
  • MHS Alum Creates Community Fridges to Help People in Need

Hommocks Students "Bake for Good" and Share with the Mamaroneck Food Pantry

Hommocks Middle School was selected as part of the King Arthur Baking Company’s "Bake for Good" program. The outreach program allows kids to learn, bake, and share their baked goods as an act of kindness using the power of baking to make a difference. Students in Family & Consumer Science (FCS) classes learned that combining math, science, reading, and baking know-how, adds up to delicious bread! Following in-class instruction on how to make the recipe, students then went home with their own King Arthur Baking Kit, applied their new baking skills and baked the recipe with confidence. Each recipe made two loaves so students were able to keep one loaf to enjoy with their family and return to school with the other loaf to share with the Mamaroneck Food Pantry. This program is being repeated in the 4th quarter with more FCS students.

Hommocks students participate in "Bake for Good" program, combining math, science, reading, and baking know-how to produce nearly 150 loaves of bread for the Mamaroneck Food Pantry.

Thirty MHS and Hommocks Student Poets Share Their Wisdom and Sensitivity at 20th Annual Poetry Live

Poetry Live -- a locally beloved literary event presented by the Village of Mamaroneck Council of the Arts (VOMCA) -- remains a ritual, letting us know that spring has indeed arrived and reminding us that students and teachers are thinking, writing, and creating. This year, the event took place virtually, marking 10+ years that our high school and middle school have been participating. A total of 13 MHS student poets (45:31 on the LMC broadcast) and 17 Hommocks student poets (1:05:16 on the broadcast) were selected to read their work via Zoom. The event was filmed by LMC Media Center and is available for viewing via the link below.

A total of 30 Hommocks Middle School and Mamaroneck High School students performed in the 2021 Poetry Live event on Sunday, April 25, 2021.

BOE Adopts 2021-2022 Proposed District Budget

The Board of Education adopted a Proposed Budget on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 after several rounds of review and modifications to the Superintendent's Recommended Budget. The community vote on this budget is Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

You may request an absentee ballot if you are concerned about contracting COVID-19. Please click here to download and print the Absentee Ballot Application and check "temporary illness or physical disability” in section 1. To receive an absentee ballot, you must first complete an application. You may mail in your application to the address on the form, or you may bring it in to the district clerk's office at Mamaroneck UFSD, 1000 West Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck. Once the absentee ballot application is received, a ballot will be mailed to the address specified, after the voter is verified as a registered voter. If the application is brought into the district clerk's office, a ballot will be handed to the registered voter directly or the person authorized. A ballot may not be given to anyone other than to the voter or the person authorized by the voter to pick up the ballot on his/her behalf. The last day an absentee ballot may be mailed to a registered voter is Tuesday, May 11th - Absentee ballot applications must be received on or before this date (May 11th) in order for the ballot to be mailed. However, registered voters may personally come into the district clerk's office for an absentee ballot up until 4 p.m. on Monday, May 17th. Please call the district clerk at 914-220-3007 with questions.

The 2021-2022 Mamaroneck School District Proposed Budget is being put forth to the community for a vote on Tuesday, May 18 - 7 am - 9 pm at your local elementary school. Absentee voting is an option.

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District Equity Team Reviews Progress on Key Initiatives

The full District Equity Team (DET) -- made up of MUFSD teachers and administrators, parents and community members -- convened for its regular monthly meeting on April 27. Team members shared progress on key DET initiatives, including research on potential District-wide equity auditor candidates, the hiring of building-level dedicated equity leaders to support building leaders and staff in work plan action, and review of the Codes of Conduct at schools. A recap of the 2020-21 adjusted DET Goals was provided.

MAS Orchestra Students Collaborate with MHS Students on Piece for Spring Virtual Concert

This Spring, the MAS 4th and 5th Grade Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Sinsabaugh and the MHS 9th grade Concert Orchestra under the direction of Ms. Gellert are collaborating to present a piece for a virtual Spring concert. They will be premiering “Ocean Waves” composed by our own MAS 5th grader, Noble Weaver. Noble composed Ocean Waves this winter, and it is an impressive five-part string orchestra piece! To learn the music, all students combined over ZOOM to work together in break-out rooms, where 9th graders helped MAS students. The Orchestras also hosted a joint ZOOM rehearsal where Noble was able to voice and coach his musical ideas to musicians. Look out for this soon-to-be-released virtual performance.

Mamaroneck Ave. School 4th and 5th graders rehearse with Mamaroneck High School 9th graders for a special collaborative piece they will be performing in the upcoming spring virtual concert.

PTAs Show Teacher Appreciation in Advance of Official May Festivities

Some of our schools' PTAs just couldn't wait until the official May "Teacher Appreciation" festivities and began showing their appreciation to teachers and staff by hosting breakfasts or lunches or inviting the coffee truck for a pre-morning visit. Additional teacher appreciation events are planned for the month of May. We are fortunate in our district to have such strong partnerships and mutual respect between parents and teachers.

PTAs planned and delivered special treats for teachers and staff timed to coincide with the April 8 return to full time in-person instruction during the pandemic. Additional activities are planned in honor of the official Teacher Appreciation Week May 3- 7 and National Teacher Day May 4th.

MHS Debate Team Reaches Elimination Rounds of National Tournament of Champions Competition

The MHS Debate Team of Rayeed Rahman and Jacob Miller, juniors, made it to the elimination rounds at the Tournament of Champions - history-making for Mamaroneck. For a team so young (in just its fifth year), this is an incredible accomplishment. Check out the video below from the elimination round. If you've never seen our MHS debater in action before, you will definitely want to watch.

Dos Caminos/Dual Language Program 5th Graders Explore Children's Rights

The Dos Caminos/Dual Language program in Mamaroneck Schools currently goes up through 7th grade. The Proposed 2021-22 Budget expands the program through the completion of Middle School (Gr 8). Take a look here at some work from our Dos Caminos 5th graders exploring the topic of children's rights on Padlet; it includes Screencastify recordings from each student in both English and Spanish to give you an idea of their proficiency. The students also delivered live presentations in a language of their choice, the final portion of their project in the alternative language. Special shoutout to Ms. Orotega and Ms. Bautista for facilitating this amazing work.

Dual Language Program students take part in unit on children's rights and document their study.

Mamaroneck Volleyball defeats Scarsdale to Capture Westchester Large School Regional Championship

Mamaroneck Volleyball team arrives back at the high school by fire truck escort as part of the team's Regional Championship celebration.

MHS Alum Creates Community Refrigerators to Help People in Need

Mamaroneck High School alum Daniel Zauderer has been leading an initiative to fill community refrigerators in NYC with donated produce during COVID-19. Zauderer, MHS Class of 2006, is a South Bronx middle school teacher who discovered that the pandemic left his 6th grade students hungry. Now, Zauderer is working on a volunteer-powered distribution network connecting excess food to community refrigerators throughout the city.

Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Zauderer, MHS Class of 2006, has spearheaded effort during COVID to connect excess food to community refrigerators throughout NYC.