The #Not my President

The #not my president Has become a somewhat messed up/stupid movement because you're protesting that your presidential candidate did not win so you should get your way. it's just for you you're being totally self-centered not to give out the people who have worked all day and just want some sleep. And when you destroy public property and individual property we have not even voted for Trump you are not the Good Guys here . Like when and I quote “the protesting on Thursday night turned violent As they eventually started destroying cars at dealership”. this is coming from an unbiased point of View.

Also When the police Are forced to intervene on your protesting That probably means what you're doing is illegal (some of the time).Like when they warned that “some protesters were preparing "gas and flares" and that participants should leave for their own safety. Police said protesters should return to Pioneer Courthouse Square to continue peaceful protest, and those remaining would be arrested”.So In conclusion The #Not My President is a dumb way to protest which got way out of Hand Now what do you think about the protest a good or bad protest.


Created with images by Tim Pierce - "Love Trumps Hate" • Fibonacci Blue - "Crowd marches through St. Paul to protest Donald Trump"

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