Pelé By: Luke Andes

Edson Arantes de Nascimento was born to a poor family on October 23, 1940, in Três Corações, Brazil. Pelé began playing for a local minor-league club when he was a teenager.

Pelé is best known for being the best soccer player ever to live.

Pelé holding a world cup trophy.

Pelé helped the Brazilian national soccer team to 3 world cup victories in 1958, 1962, and 1970 and to permanent possession of the Jules Rimet Trophy.

Pelé is seen in this picture performing a bicycle kick.

Pelé ties into two themes of world history which are Cultural Interaction and Revolution. He ties into Cultural Interaction because after he retired he came out of retirement, and he said it wasn't for the money. He said the reason was he wanted to make soccer popular in the United States. Pelé also ties into revolution because he forever changed the game of soccer in the United States by becoming the first black man to play soccer in the United States.

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