Type 1 Diabetes Morgan and madeline

What is type 1 Diabetes?

-Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that occurs when insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas that are eventually ruined and then fail to produce insulin or produce it very slowly. This disease causes you to have increased thirst and hunger, loss of weight, and frequently urinate. Insulin is a hormone made by your pancreas for your body to allow sugar, from carbohydrates, that you eat for energy to store glucose for the future.

What should a type 1 diabetics diet be?

-A type 1 diabetic can eat the same healthy diet that ever other person eats. Cutting back on Saturated fats that you can find in meats like bacon and ground beef, also dairy such as milk and butter.A good plate of food for a type 1 diabetic can 1/4 protein, 1/4 starch and 1/2 non-starchy vegetables. For a diabetic carbohydrate consumption should be between 40-60 grams per meal, no more that 180 grams per day. Making smart choices on your food can decrease those chances.

How to monitor Blood Sugar and A1C

-to check your blood sugar take the test before each meal and at 9:00pm. Your blood sugar levels should be below 150 and never above. wash your hands and then insert a test strip into your meter. then wipe your finger with an alchohol pad so your finger is clean. use your lancing device to get blood from the side of your fingertip. Insert the test strip into the machine and wait for the results. To montior a1c levels the doctors would have to do, and it is taken to a lab. it shows the blood sugar values ofer 3 months. the normal a1c levels are 70-100.

Life Style and exercise of a Diabetic

Everything is always monitored,and always calculated. You have to watch your carbohydrates. You have to monitor whenever you exercise because it stresses out the body, but if you do less harsh exercise insulin levels will remain the same. The american diabetes association recommends intense aerobic exercise for 30 min five days a week.

Personal Story

Joey Shuffler was a 39 year old man with type 1 diabetes. His diabetes was never controlled very well from what we know. He would always go to judy briggs when he was dizzy or too thirsty for her to do his sugar at work,because he was friends with jusy and her husband Mike. He always wanted judy to calculate his insulin pin when he needed coverage. Joey was not good about followoing his diet he would often go over 180mg. He also drank alot of soda which is very bad for a type 1 diebetic. one day he came to judy and he said "i feel lousy" and judy had realized that he had been loosing weight. Joey did not take care of himself for years. he had to urinate very freacuently, so judy took him downstairs in a wheel chair and when they got down there he did not have to urinate often. The doctors put him a monitor and he did not have a good pulsse. All of his organs have been shutting down. He died later that day because of milti system faliure.

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