Blood Diamonds Where are the Blood Diamond mines located and who works in them ?

Miners in the Blood Diamond mines work hard and long shifts. Their daily shifts last about 10 -12 hours. The age of some of the miners are 5 and older.

Miners in the blood diamond mines are usually the poor people who are forced to be slaves by gangs. If you lived by the mines or in the area around you would already be working in the mines due to the slavery. Some miners are kids that are 5 years old. Miners in Africa's mines start their work at early ages.

If you were a slave and you didn't want to mine the people or person would either kill you, kill your family, or chop your and sometimes even your families limbs off. The gangs just do this so they can have all the diamonds and be rich.

Most Blood diamond mines are located in Sierra Leone and Congo. The mines are in area's like that are dirt and soft rock which is usually orange or light brown.
Sierra Leone and Congo have some of the main mines in Africa .

The mines in Sierra Leone have caused problems in the economy and has started brutal civil war between government and rebel forces. Most of the mines are located in the hilly terrain not far from Sierra Leone. Most of the miners in the Sierra Leone mines are kids ,teens, and adults.

In Congo there are two main mines one on the eastern side and one on the northern side. These mines hold the main diamond supply. In Congo The mines are controlled by Gangs. Congo has big problems with Gangs and the mines.


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