Living The American Dream by Summer Macias

A painting of the fifth president, James Monroe.

Politics in the early 1800s were very important because new systems were put into place that made our country better. One of the important things in politics in this time was the new economic system that was adopted called the American System created by Henry Clay. The American System was used to collect taxes on imported goods, use federal spending on transportation projects like roads, and create a new national bank. The American System worked fairly well to help the economy.

All of our money has some of the most important men who helped start our government and who fought for the rights of people that were different from them.

The early American art had a lot of different styles, from Folk Art to beautiful landscapes of rivers and mountains. The paintings were mostly lifelike and very vibrant, but some of them like most Folk Art was cartoonish. Not all art was just paintings, lots of women sewed square bits of cloth into quilts and some decorated them with other pieces of fabric to show mostly stories from the bible. Some professional artist had their art put on the money we use today and also kept in the white house to show the people who created our government.

This picture shows one instrument played in classical music.

Music many different genres, but not as many as we have today. Some different types of music were classical music which use an orchestra usually only in the North. Groups of couples gathered to dance, very elegantly. Slaves created calming spirituals which were a combination of hymns by white churchgoers and African music styles. Most spirituals were about escaping the ownership of white people and being able to be free and live without anyone controlling them.

This is the Headless Horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving.

Most literature was very epic, humorous, and enchanting. Some great pieces of work are Rip Van Winkle, a story about a man who wakes up a couple of centuries later to see the new world and how different things are. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a story of a Headless Horseman who comes back to life years later after someone decapitates him. Lots of these stories show how creative people could be when lots of things were unknown.

Some may argue that the early 1800s were terrible because of slavery, the president making purchases of land without congress' votes. Although those things were bad this was a time was a time for new arts and new forms of government.

Work cited: Hart, Diane, and Bert Bower. History Alive!: The United States through Industrialism. Palo Alto, CA: Teachers' Curriculum Institute, 2011. Print.


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