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Two CAuses

Exploration was cause by Europeans crusades to find spice but they could get it so they when east to get it . They found food in the East such as sugar, coffee, lemon, ginger, and rice that they ate while on the Crusades and that they brought back with them to Europe. The crusades encouraged the European explorers because when they were having the battle of Jerusalem the Christians saw how much food and silk, spice they had that instead of was they started trading.

Cause-The Crusades

Exploration was cause by Europeans wanted to find a new water route to east,Asia.via the sea because traveling over land routes was dangerous and required more to undertaker. sailor Vasco Da Gama was the first European to sail around Africa and land in Asia. He returned with 55 of his sailors. Da gama finally found a sea route to Asia.

Europeans wanted a water route to Asia

two effects

Exploration was cause by Europeans by Trade among European and African precolonial nations developed relatively recently in the economic history of the African continent. Prior to the European voyages of exploration in the fifteenth century, African rulers and merchants had established trade links with the Mediterranean world, western Asia, and the Indian Ocean region. Within the continent itself, local exchanges among adjacent peoples fit into a greater framework of long-range trade


One negative about the slave trade was that it tended to increase the amount of war that occurred in West Africa. The reason for this is that European (and American) slave traders did not simply go out into the African countryside and kidnap their own slaves. Instead, they bought slaves from the coastal kingdoms.


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