North Korea and South Korea By:Keegan and ben


This conflict is taking place in North and South Korea

North Korea invaded South Korea

There is a 38th parallel that separates them

Geographic analysis

The people that are involved are the North and South Koreans, Chinese and Americans.

This fight it is not religious.

The fight is being fought over communism and land

Physical Geography does play a role such as the Yellow Sea, Rivers and rugged mountains.

It is affecting other other regions like the USA and China.

Evolution of the current political situation

The current political situation is North Korea has nuclear ambition

The situation emerged when North Korea wanted to be a super power.

Specific interests are South Korea does not want communism and North Korea does.

The people who want freedom are the North Korean people not South Korea.

The history that shaped this was the Korean War in 1950.

The history that shaped this was the Korean War in 1950.

The United States should be concerned because North Korea has threatened about Nuclear warfare.

The USA has sent troops into Korea to protect South Korea from the North communism.

The USA and South Korea should team up and beat up,on North Korea.

If enough people rebel and Kim jung un falls out of power the conflict could be solved.

The Kim dynasty has to fall out of power for the conflict to be solved.

It hasn't been solved yet the situation is far from being solved.

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