Post-Test Analysis with Office Hours Visit Common Exhibit for Learning Objective #4

My most difficult class this semester would have to be accounting 201. It's plenty of information to take in at once but once you get going it's not too bad.

I went to my professor and he told me that I had made a big jump from the last exam to this one. He said I was more consistent with my answers and he could tell that I had been studying more than I usually do.

For my next exam I will be making up a study plan to go by. I have three chapters to study for the exam and will study for two weeks. I will start with one chapter a day while retaining little bits of the previous chapter along with it. I will study for two hours a day for two weeks. I will use flash cards along with recite and record.

I gained a great amount of experience from this outcome. I learned how to properly study and use my time wisely. I could really tell a difference in my grades while doing this. I plan to continue doing this in the future so I can keep on making good grades.


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