I'm an International student from Indonesia, studying Mass Communication (Advertising). For this module, I expect to improve my creativity and skills in using Adobe as Art has been my personal interest for a long time. In the future, I see myself having the skills and attitude to acquire the job that I desire, whatever it will be.

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Video Games

The Avatar was practicing his moves when suddenly, an enemy came to attack! Due to the obvious difference in strength, the enemy was easily defeated and the Avatar leveled up. However, after his upgrade, he was faced with a new adversary - The Fruits - and he quickly lost due to his arrogance. Fortunately, a cool ninja arrived to help and sliced all the fruits! He leveled up and consequently earned the title Fruit Ninja. At the next level, the Fruit Ninja was up against The Finger in a hockey game. All was going well until the ninja lost his patience and threw the hockey ball towards The Finger, thus ending the game.

Team Photo :D

Thank you for such an amazing group! #Andreboss #DirectorSyamilah #NinjaRyuji

Exercise 2: Viral Content

Exercise 3: Infographics

I chose dark background to emphasize on the serious topic. For words and images, there are 3 main colors: white, dark blue and orange. White colors are used to emphasize main point because it contrast well with the background. Each category has its own pictures to make it not too text-based.

Exercise 4: Mobile app

Mobile app: Komorebi

Description: The main purpose of this app is to provide convenience for people who

a) have no ideas what their fashion style is, yet still want to be stylish

b) can use movie titles as their reference for fashion

c) want to have style like their actors/actress in the movies

This app divides fashion styles based on different categories of the most favorite movies. This allows users to understand more about fashion styles based on their favorite movies.

Home page- this page contain the logo of the app and 6 button for easy access. Those six button are catalog, sales, best offers, new arrivals, shopping cart, and coupons.

Side feature- the side feature contain contact information and delivery tracking. The contact information is for users to know more about Komorebi and also to have a way of contacting the founders of Komorebi. Delivery tracking is to track the items that users have purchased.

Contact us- contact us contain the logo of Komorebi, contact number, e-mail and general information about the app itself.

Catalog- the first button of home page is catalog. The catalog contain 4 different types of movies which are step up, the vow, fifty shades darker, and twilight. Each category has different clothing so users can choose which category to shop.

Men & Woman- each category contain men and women option. It is to help users save time when shopping with Komosubi app.

Clothings- inside men and women option. The users can choose their prefered clothings from the list provided.

Sales- the second button from home page is sales. Users can check from this page what items are on sales.

Best offers- the third button from home page is best offers. Users can check what offer are available in this page.

New arrivals- the fourth button from home page is new arrivals. Users can find out new available items from this page

Shopping cart- this page provide users to cart and view the interested items. If users want to buy the items selected, they can select the check out button. In each items displayed, there are the shopping cart option where they can just click and it will automatically store in the cart.

Coupons- this page contain coupons (discounts) that users can view and use. Each coupons are different and are only available for a specific time.

Assignment 2: Video

The concept of our video is to try wasabi and sambal with other food combinations. For example, we will combine wasabi with fried chicken and sambal with sushi. It may sound strange, but we promise you it will be interesting! Stay tuned xoxo

Mindmap & Moodboard




( 1 )
( 2 )


Assignment 3: Chat Stickers

There are two characters in my chat sticker. The blue one is Coda (Meaning: The last few measures of a musical piece, typically differing from the main theme and added on to give a sense of closure) while the orange one is called Chord (Meaning: A group of three or more notes played at the same time). Both are inspired when I was listening music in the library while thinking of the character. They are created to be the same but with different color scheme. The eyes are covered by the bangs because I wanted it to have more impact when the eyes do appear.



He thought about the unhappy things in his life and cried


He's tired of dealing with bullshit


He's sleepy and ended up 'falling' asleep


He's happy listening to the sudden music


He's confused because of the sudden silence when he took of his earphone


He's working diligently but the computer suddenly error-ed and shut down


Created with images by Moyan_Brenn - "Cute" • jameswragg - "Kittens!" • allenran 917 - "_DSC2079" • Teerasuwat - "chihuahua dog puppy" • tpsdave - "iceland arctic fox animal" • haziqfitri - "Cute"

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