Detective Mike by Daniel Santos

Detective Mike

Detective mike has only been a detective for about a year, so he didn’t have much experience in his job. He is twenty five years old.

Detective mike was asked to investigate a murder that happened the night before. He was real excited to start his investigation. They told him the crime happened at a house during midnight. He went to the house to try to solve the crime. He got to the house but didn’t find anything suspicious. He went upstairs, downstairs and even in the backyard. He still couldn’t find anything. The house had no pictures or anything of the people who lived there, so he had no idea of who the killer or the victim was.

About five hours of trying to solve the crime, he was walking through the hallway and leaned on the wall because he got tired. He noticed that the wall felt a little weird, so he started messing with it. As he kept messing with it, he was able to see an outline as if someone carved it. It took him about twenty minutes to take out the piece of the wall. He took out the wall and saw a bag. He opened the bag and saw the body laying in there. He was so shocked of what he had found.

He not only found the body, but also found a gun next to him. He took out the body and saw a few gunshots in his torso and one in his chest. Detective Mike took the body and the gun to a lab to figure out who the killer was. They were able to see that the murder wasn’t wearing gloves, so his fingerprints were all over it. They were able to find the murder’s DNA but was still unsure of who it was.

Detective Mike went back to the house for more clues. He looked for cameras around the house. He noticed there was a camera in the front driveway, so he was able to see what car was in the driveway. He watched the clip and saw a man coming out of the house getting into a silver chevrolet truck. He was unable to see the man’s face. He was also able to see a few numbers on the license plate. He went to a police station and told everyone to look for the truck with the specific numbers on it. Detective Mike later went around town looking for the truck. He saw plenty of chevrolet trucks, but without the numbers on it. He went into neighborhoods all around town. He got a call from a police officer that they found the truck in a neighborhood.They knocked on the man’s house and asked him questions. They later took him to do a DNA test. But it was confirmed that he wasn’t the killer. They asked him if he recently let someone borrow his truck. He told the police officers no. They checked the GPS on the truck and it was sure that this truck has been at the house of the murder. The officers knew that this man had something to hide, so they asked him more questions until he would speak. The man confessed that he gave the truck to his friend so he can go to the house. The reason was because the man was a drug dealer and the victim owed him money for years but never payed him. So he got really furious and went to crazy. He told the officers where he was at and they took the man to do a DNA test. The DNA matched, they took the man to court and found him guilty.

Detective Mike was successful in solving the crime. He felt really good about all his hard work and effort. He knew that being a detective was the job he was meant to have.

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