Authentic Key Lime Pie: an easy enjoyable recipe by: Maria krug '22

Key lime pie is such an easy recipe to follow, and will leave you wanting more. This pastry is sweet and incredibly easy to make, this Key Lime Pie is sure to be a family favorite. A delicious graham cracker crust with an incredibly creamy filling that is quick to make!

Ingredients you will need for this recipe: 4 tablespoons of Margarine butter, 1 packet of graham crackers, 1 can of condensed milk, 1 can of heavy cream and 3 lemons.

First, place the graham crackers in a blender and blend until they are crumbled into smaller pieces.

Next, place the butter in the bowl with the crackers and mix with your hands until they are fully incorporated.

Then, spread this mix in a removable bottom cake pan, tighten it well and evenly spread it out on the sides of the pan.

After spreading it, place the dough in the oven at 390ºF for 15 minutes, then take it out and let it cool down.

To make the filling you will need to squeeze three lemons and mix it together with a full can of condensed milk and heavy cream.

Once you have the ingredients together, blend them for 3 minutes or until they have formed a creamy mixture.

Next, add the filling to the pan and place it in the fridge for 2 hours until the filling is firm.
Freshly baked key lime pie will stay fresh between 2 to 3 days in the fridge. Finally decorate with a few lemon zests and enjoy!

All pictures by Maria Krug '22