Haus Khaz Village - The Happing Fourt Of Delhi If you are in delhi and want to spend a GOOD day and a even crazier night, hauz khas village is the place you are looking for.

A picture of the Hauz Khas Village market

If are in Delhi and want to enjoy a good weekend with your friends, Hauz Khaz Village is the place to be. With the array of restaurant and food outlets surrounding the place, it also is the home to some of the oldest Bollywood poster shops. Any movie lover can actually sit and look at the in-numerous posterts which for a single person may take months to complete the collection.

The etymology of the name Hauz Khas in Farsi is derived from the words 'Hauz' meaning water tank (or lake) and 'Khas' meaning "royal"- the "Royal tank". The large water tank or reservoir was first built by Khilji to supply water to the inhabitants of Siri. The tank was de–silted during the reign of Firuz Shah Tughlaq (1351–88). Several buildings ( Mosque and madrasa) and tombs were built overlooking the water tank or lake. Firuz Shah's tomb pivots the L–shaped building complex which overlooks the tank.

The Beautiful Lake

The hauz khas village lake

The fort, a round complex is surrounded by a beautiful lake and big gardens. The village is not only home to a lot of tourist but is also a spot for most college and school students during the day as well as during the night time. The lake is generally filled with a lot of fishes and swans which make the environment even more soothing.

Behind the main drag is pot plant-lined Back Lane, which has the best shops and can be strolled in less than five minutes. All Arts is a subterranean store packed to the rafters with old Bollywood posters, iconic Ravi Varma prints and aged maps. House of Blondie is a vintage concept store, run by Kareena Vinaik, selling jewellery, sunglasses and kitsch blouses under dozens of oversized light bulbs.

The Deer Park

The deers enjoy the sun at Hauz Khas

Admits all the traffic and heat lies a park inside Hauz Khas Complex which is the home to Deers in Delhi. Although not as common as in Chennai or Uttrakhand, playing with the deers and feeding the has become a part asnd parcel for Delhiets visiting the fort.

I n recent news ,The Central Zoo Authority has issued a licence cancellation notice to A N Jha Deer Park in Hauz Khas. The park, run by Delhi Development Authority, is popular among joggers and walkers but has been allegedly flouting norms related to the upkeep of deer. Inbreeding — which causes genetic defects — is rampant here; it also doesn't maintain records of animals, according to CZA.

If DDA fails to curb these deficiencies and successfully plead for an extension of its licence period before the ministry of environment and forests within 30 days, the park may close down. It has been issued a licence cancellation notice on July 22, senior CZA officials have said.

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