Another successful few weeks for us again guys where we have achieved huge results! Not only did we smash our busiest week of the year so far last week but we also went completely above and beyond for the Nutella cookie competition. All together we managed to sell an amazing 419 cookies, making us the overall winners by an absolute mile! It just goes to show that we can achieve big things if we really put our minds to it, so well done to all of you and your efforts. A special shout out to Becky and Christina who managed to sell loads during their shifts. ⭐️⭐️

Although the competition is over, we want to carry on pushing the cookies because we are capable of selling hundreds! So let's keep going for it πŸͺπŸ’ͺ🏻. Alongside this we are going to be focusing on upselling porridge as a healthy breakfast option and also as a healthy snack. After trying and testing we have found that our porridge tastes so good with all types of milk that we offer - dairy, soy, coconut (ah-mazing) and almond. So by adding new options to our menu, we are giving customers the option to have an exciting and deliciously healthy breakfast/snack. Same as our coffees, we are going to be charging 40p for almond or coconut milk.

This time of year we are going to get a lot of customers who are looking for a healthy affordable option for breakfast. There might be a lot of customers who aren't really aware that we have porridge on our menu, so we need to look at the ways we are going to upsell this product. Our breakfast peak on the Drive Thru is very intense and fast paced so we want to try and keep the upsell short but to the point, "Do you want us to pop a porridge pot on the order for you? They're only Β£1.99 and they're so filling!" If the customer says yes we can then go on to list the options they can have and their choice of topping - dried fruits, jam, honey cinnamon sprinkles. During quieter peaks on the Drive thru we can upsell with a bit more detail, "did you fancy a quick healthy breakfast to go with your coffee this morning? We can make you up a porridge pot with any type of milk and topping you fancy, it only takes 2 minutes". Front counter is the perfect time to push this product because we get more interaction. If you see one of our regulars or somebody in a gym kit then this is your chance, "have you tried our porridge oats yet? You can make up your own pot in 3 steps. They're so filling and only Β£1.99!" You can then direct them to the board on the pastry case so they can have a look at their options. You will be able to try samples of all the different varieties so you can give your recommendations to customers.

So to clarify, we really need to push porridge over breakfast but also throughout the day where we can offer it as a refreshing and filling snack by serving it cold. Let's make sure we all try the cold oats so we can let customers know how good they taste and explain that it's a quick healthy snack to enjoy in this hot weather - Did you fancy an oat pot to go with your drink? They're best served cold in this weather especially with coconut milk" 😎

Last week was an amazing week for us in terms of sales. We are continuing to grow and grow and this is down to the team that we have. We've seen some stand out performances over the last few weeks so employee of the month for baristas and team leaders will be going forward from here on in, so keep up the good work and it will be recognised ⭐️.

Another focus for this month is ensuring that regular BROT tests are carried out on each of you so we can work on perfecting your milk quality, beverage routine and sequencing. Now that frap season is approaching we want a refresher session with each of you to practice and perfect your beverage routine when frappuccino's are placed in your queue. We want you to feel completely confident and capable on the bar and perfecting every drink, so please don't hesitate to ask for help or if you have any questions. We're all here to help and coach each other ☺️

The Easter holidays start on Monday, so we need to prepare for what's sure to be a very busy week. We've got the perfect opportunity to draw families who are out and about in the area to the store. In order to try and achieve this we are going to be taking part in some Easter activities throughout the week which will create a fun atmosphere in store for both us and our customers. We will be having an Easter egg giveaway for the customers who come into store and take the best picture using our Easter themed photo props and uploading them to Facebook or instagram and tagging us. We will decide the winning photo and the customers in the photo will each receive an Easter egg from us. To push this on the till we need to try and target families with children and our regulars. We don't want to be targeting customers who come in on their own or customers who just want to come in for a coffee (this is where the term 'anticipate' comes into play). To get people involved simply tell them what we are doing and why we are doing it. What? An Easter themed photo competition, the sillier the better. Why? To give our loyal customers the chance to win a prize from us to say thank you for choosing our store. Start by asking if they have social media pages and if they follow us. If they do then great, offer to take their picture and kindly ask them to upload it and tag us. If they don't then let them know they can still get involved by taking a photo and sending it over to us if they wish.

This competition is also going to be open to us, so if you're on shift get together and take a silly photo and Anthony will decide the winners! This will run from Monday 10th to Sunday 16th.

Our second initiative - Easter bonnets. Any child who comes into store wearing an Easter bonnet from the 10th-16th will receive a free Nutella cookie from us! To track these please put it through the till as a 100% mark out and sign the receipt using "Easter bonnet".

And lastly - the Easter egg hunt. So this is not like a normal Easter egg hunt, from 12th-16th we will be giving one lucky customer the chance to win a free drink from us. All they have to do is find an Easter egg on the inside of their cup sleeve. The supervisor on shift will place a sticker on the inside of a sleeve at random which will eventually be given out at to a lucky customer. When handing drinks out on both cafe and Drive Thru let them know that they might have the winning sleeve, if they have it then we will give them a service recovery voucher which they can then use on their next visit. There will be one winner per day over the course of 5 days. This competition is only open to customers, so if you happen to get the winning sleeve on your cup on one of your drinks then you must return it as we already get the privilege of free drinks 😊

If we could all try and push these incentives as much as I know we can then it's going to be a really exciting and fun Easter break for us all πŸ˜† let's use these holidays to work on our improvements and focus and getting better and better every day πŸ˜ƒπŸ°πŸ£

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