My passions

I have been dancing since I was 8 years old. I always want to be professional dancer. Dancing is not only my hobby. I am dancing becuase I earn some money from it. So now, I am a cheerleader AZS Koszalin. I earn a lot of money from it and it give me a lot of pleasure.


Being a cheerleader is not only a 40 seconds dance choreography on the hall. It is a lot of hours spent on the gym. I lose a lot of sweat and energy to dance in front of people who are watching me and i want to take their breath away.

My secound hobby is horseriding but recentyl I have neglected it. My story with horses started when I had only few months. My mum took on hands and sat on horse. My grandfather had a lot of wonderful horses which set the highest places in competitions. They have jumped highest and run fastest. I was growing next to them.My first Time when I alone rode on horse was when I had 6 years old. My cousin was leaded me on the paths not to fall of the horse. Then I hadn't got Time to ride. One day my friend took me to stables in her city. There I fell in love in very naughty horse which weren't dressage. He was small and had red hair. I had very fast attached to him and him attached to me. We were very aligned. I was riding on him to places like Beaches and dunes. On him I first jumped and galloped very fast. I want to give him my all life. I leased him and I was planning to take him next to my house. Suddenly I have to choose between horseriding or dancing. I chose dancing becuase it gave me more satisfaction. My friend were sold and since then I haven't ridden on any horse anymore.

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