M-A Style Watch Brynn Baker & Jane White

In order to showcase the unique styles found at M-A, we walked around campus asking students to describe their style and how they use fashion as an outlet for self-expression in their daily lives.

Junior Ally Mediratta: "I would say that my style is expressive; I wear what makes me feel good. I would say that my style is reflective of my personality, especially with the shoes. When I came to M-A as a freshman I wore what was trendy, but now I wear what makes me feel comfortable... what I love."

Caden Annison described his warm-weather style as "very comfortable." Annison continued, saying that from his summery outfit, "you can definitely tell that I'm from California."

Sophomore Jacob Fishman: "I would classify my style as 'relaxed prep'" Fishman said. “I use my outfits to describe my mood; other times, they bring a mood to me. If I'm feeling upset, I'll put on a good outfit and it will immediately make me feel better. If I'm feeling happy, I use my outfits to express that."

Senior Donya Fakrai calls her style “versatile.” Similar to Jacob's response, Donya said that her "clothes reflect the mood I'm in. If I'm feeling good I'll put on a dress but if I'm feeling tired or lazy, I'll put on sweats."

Sophomore Annie Wagner describes her style as vibrant, different, and girly. When Annie chooses her outfits, she selects pieces that reflect her mood and express her personality. She says, "Usually, I put my outfits together based off the color of my shoes. The comfort level of my clothes depends on how I'm feeling that day."

Sophomore Lamees El Jibahi describes her sense of style as funky and spontaneous. When she picks out her outfits for school, she focuses on factors such as the weather and her mood that particular day. She elaborates by saying, "I love bright colors and I choose to wear them almost every day because they express elements of my personality."

Trayvon Duncan describes his style as flashy, cool, and street. He enjoys wearing outfits that make him look trendy. He provides more detail about his sense of style: "I pick my outfits based off colors, but also around how it matches my shoes."