Crowdfund Your Research Alternative funding method worth exploring

With the cost of research on the rise and funding opportunities highly competitive, psychologists should consider alternative avenues, like crowdfunding to bankroll their projects. How does one get started? First, you'll need to find a crowdsourcing platform to help facilitate connections with established researchers in your field and attract interested donors and volunteers to assist you with your research. Here are some platforms that might work for you...

  •, an internet crowdfunding source for the specific purpose of scientific research, comprises a community of over 66,000 members and a display of over 60 experiments. This resource remains available to anyone who wishes to submit a study for the public solicitation of donations.
  • hosts funding campaigns for organizations and charities devoted to social causes. Why not post your own research project to solicit funding? If you are able to communicate a clear outcome for your research funding purpose, you will likely be eligible to run a campaign on
  • #SciFund Challenge not only provides a crowdfunding platform specifically for the funding of research, but also offers a wide range of resources, such as tools for outreach to publicize your research. While many #SciFund Challenge projects are ecologically oriented, there is no rule that states they all must be. Anyone with a research project in the social sciences may sign up for their free newsletters, informational service, and crowdfunding resources.

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