hello dream life coaching secret 1 time offer: 90 day package: from stuck to starting

So you know you want to make 2017 your most amazing year yet, but so far all you've made is a pile of plans...

Imagine a Partner Who Can Help You Find the Way

Hi! I'm Emily Rose, a certified life and business success coach, and a working indie pop musician!

I know how it feels to be stuck, spinning your wheels, noticing every webinar and book that seems like the miracle solution, but the truth is that the best way to start it is to have an accountability partnership with someone who has walked that walk and gotten ahead... Someone who believes in you, who pushes you, who teaches you, and who inspires you to LEAP by giving you the confidence and strategy you need to land STRONG.


I've done internet crafting shows for Craftsman, online cooking shows for Kenmore, traveled America and played hundreds of shows in my indie pop band, Zigtebra, traveled to Europe alone twice in 2016, paid for coaching I didn't have the money for at the time, and started my own business. I believe in the miracle of choosing an abundance life for yourself. I believe in the miracle of buying the ticket. I believe in the miracle of putting yourself on stage. I believe in the miracle of my choices. And I believe in the miracle waiting to blossom in your own life.

You can step into the reality of your Dream Life with my help.

You're on this page for a reason. What we experience is what we have drawn into our lives as as direct result of our curiosity, desire, and enthusiasm. We get what we say "Yes" to. You can choose to stay safe and small experiencing life in the same way you've lived it, or you can say "Yes" to your adventure, you can learn to be comfortable, encountering the weirdness of change and shifting, and you can choose to get excited about bringing your #NewNormal into reality.

90 Days of Hello Dream Life

Once in a lifetime offer: A personal, intimate, supportive transformational life coaching experience for $333/month for 3 months. Book ASAP before it's sold out. You can't find a more powerful, personal, and crazy affordable private coaching experience than that!

Your power to CHOOSE = Your power to CREATE.

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