The Fault in Our Stars John Green

Its a novel that was published in 2012.

Setting: Indianapolis and Amsterdam

Protagonist is Hazel Grace. She has lung cancer. Then there is Issac who has to have a prosthetic eye and Augustus has osteosarcoma. They are supporters to Hazel.

Hazel struggles to figure out how to live her life and find meaning in it as first she and then more urgently boy she loves face terminal cancer.

symbols: Water; Augustus’s cigarettes; Grenade; An Imperial Affliction.

Foreshadowing: Augustus begins writing to Van Houten; Augustus frequently sacrifices himself in the video games he plays; Augustus argues with his parents before leaving on the trip to Amsterdam.

Seventeen-year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster reluctantly attends a cancer patients' support group at her mother’s behest. Because of her cancer, she uses a portable oxygen tank to breathe properly. In one of the meetings she catches the eye of a teenage boy, and through the course of the meeting she learns the boy’s name is Augustus Waters. He's there to support their mutual friend, Isaac. Isaac had a tumor in one eye that he had removed, and now he has to have his other eye taken out as well.

I really like this book because it shows what a person with cancer´s life is. How they have to live. Also I like that it has imagery in the book. I don like how they ended the book with not an ending on how Hazel´s life is.


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