Berlin: a brighter kind of summer UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Education ABROAD Program

Study at Technical University Berlin

Aspiring scientists, dreamers, entrepreneurs, and rocket engineers will feel right at home in this high-velocity study abroad program in Berlin. In just 6 weeks this summer you can make new friends and contacts all over the world, get team-building experience, and earn credit toward your UC degree in business or engineering.

Street artist painting colorful graffiti

Explore Berlin

Berlin's rich history, cool art scene, and pride in counter culture inspire creativity. From tiny basement clubs to industrial temples, canopied beer gardens, and street art, Berlin is an experience for all the senses. A superb transport system allows fast discovery of the city and surrounding forests and storybook landscapes. Program dinners, field trips, and tours of Berlin's most famous historic sites ensure you experience everything Germany has to offer.

Access exciting courses taught in English

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • 3D Scanning and Printing
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality and Exercise Gaming
  • Start-up Crash Course

What Students Say

All the students in my course had access to very high-end 3D scanning and printing machines that we don't have on campus at UC. The teaching was also very hands on and personal. Even with a 4-week course I got to know my professor and teaching assistants much better than I have ever known any professors or TAs at UC, even with a similar class size.

Add Global Experience to Your Academic Portfolio

  • Meet business and engineering students from all over the world
  • Join in project-based work with an international team with varying skill levels and backgrounds
  • Learn how to develop a product in a European business environment
  • Conduct interviews with professionals and experts in the Berlin area
The Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin

Experience Berlin through Cultural Activities

  • Tour the waterways of Berlin by boat
  • Join urban culture activities to discover hidden spots in Berlin
  • Choose from hundreds of art exhibits, museums, and opera houses
  • Visit the palace of Frederick the Great and German Parliament
  • Take a weekend trip to Leipzig, the "City of Music"
Students at the Berliner Dom on Museum Island

See the Pages of History Come to Life

  • Walk the remnants of the infamous Berlin Wall
  • Retrace the steps of former world leaders at the foot of the Brandenburg Gate
  • Discover treasures from 6,000 years of human history on Museum Island

Technical University Berlin

Technical University, a force behind Berlin's tech and startup industries, is the place to go for business and engineering majors. As one of Germany's top technical universities, it attracts international exchange students from around the world.


After initially feeling overwhelmed by what we had to accomplish, building the actual satellite/rocket was a very cool hands-on, interactive experience.
UCEAP students at the East Side Gallery

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