Midterm Portfolio BRANDON NOULLET

President Trump Look alike Sketch

I made this sketch based off of the image to the left. It only seemed right to make a sketch of trump because he just recently swore in and I have really been liking sketch designs lately. I went into photo shop with just the image to the left wondering how I am going to do this. With using tools like paint bush, burner, pin, and the bucket tool I come out with the image on the right. I want to get more detailed in the future but for my second time doing something like this I really like it. This piece had its hard times but for as simple as it is, it was pretty easy.

Vans Checkered Sketch

This was one of my first sketch designs, I wanted to start simple and easy so I went for a shoe design. I designed this in photo shop, at first I had to think how am I going to make this work so I was messing around with the tools. I came across the pin tool I haven't messed around with the pin tool in a long time. It was hard at first but once I got the hang of it, it was very easy. I learned a lot of things making this shoe design like what tools do what.

Lion Poster

I made this piece because I wanted to make posters for my room. Made it in photo shop, I like how this piece turned out, I just took a bunch of pics and added them together it was super fun making it trying out new cuts and putting the pictures in places trying to make it all work out. The out come was amazing I will definitely get in for my room.

Where Did The Time Go Poster

This is another piece I did for my room. I made this design in photo shop after seeing a album cover with a fake car on the front. I was also going for a 3D type feel. so I made the car kind of come out. It looks really cool it took awhile to put together even though its so basic. Using the ease tool A lot trying to clean everything up.

Father Like Son

This piece I am really proud about. it was made in photo shop, It took me a long time to do because I didn't know how to make the fathers head look like the baby's skin and visa versa. I added a filter to it once I out there heads on to make it look more realistic. but now that I'm looking at it you cant notice that good that the fathers head is on the baby's body.

Clothing Brand

I made these clothes designs for marquis. So I created the designs in photo shop then moved them onto a shirt template. the designs were pretty easy to make since I knew what exactly to make, they were my ideas.
I made this for the deportola dance. It was pretty easy to create the ticket. I made this in photo shop. I really like how I put the hearts around the boarder. Hopefully it gets chosen by deportola to use it as a ticket.

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