WWI Trenchs By Hailie Eiceman

Gas Mask

WWI gas mask by historicair is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

The gas masks are used so that when you or your opponite shoots a posin gas you don't breath it in and get really sick.It will help you srvie by helping you breath better when you shot soming that is harmful.It will also help you see better because it has eye goggles so that you can also see when you shot something harmful.

WWI tanks by Imperial War Museum public domain

The tanks are for a little bit of saftey while you shoot at your oppointe. The tanks would help you srive in the trench so that you can get a little more up close and shoot but you have a little bit more prtcshoin.Then if you just run up and shot and the other side.

Chnuk bair

WW100 Chunuk Bair Uncategorized http://ww100.govt.nz/could-the-attack-on-chunuk-bair-have-succeeded

The Chunuk bair will help you srvive by helping you dig a treanch so so you have some protectshoi.


WWI bomb by Robin http://g503.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=223009

The bomb will help you srivie by helping you bomb your oppoine it will also help you srivie by after you are done expolding it right after you can get down.


Created with images by manhhai - "Đệ nhất Thế chiến (1914-18) - Lính bộ binh người Annam trong một chiến hào"

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