A conversation with Monica Lozano One of the most influential latinas in the U.S.

By: Alba Nidia Batista

Monica Lozano is the current Chair of Aspen Institute’s Latinos and Society Program; she is in the board of directors of companies like Walt Disney, The Rockefeller Foundation and The Bank of America. Monica is regarded as one of the most influential Latinas in the United States, trusted by presidents and governors and a role model for entrepreneurs.

On June 21, we were pleased to host an event brought to us by The Borderplex Alliance, where they presented their current regional update, which includes a campaign to look for branding applications for Ciudad Juarez and to improve the image of the city. In order to achieve this goal, the Alliance partnered with The Aspen Institute, an entity with a mission to “create a diverse worldwide community of leaders committed to the greater good”.

The highlight of the event was the speech given by Monica Lozano. She spoke about the relevance that the Latino community will have in the future of the United States, how the country’s demographics are changing because Latino population is rapidly growing, and this will have not only social but also a political impact, reasons why it is of utmost importance to promote Latino Leadership.

Lozano told the audience about how The Aspen Institute values diversity, she especially noted how the Institute is similar to Technology HUB,

"Aspen is also about "Conectando Mentes", we want to bring people together in a safe environment to talk about social issues…Aspen expands networks, connecting people from different backgrounds in order to solve social problems".

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