Anne Sexton Kelvin Gonzalez Block 6

Anne Sextons History

She was born in Newton, Massachusetts and spent most of her life near Boston, Massachusetts.

Anne came from a very successful family her dad was a woolen manufacturer and her mom was Mary Gray Staples, her family didn't have any struggles with money since both.

Anne Sexton took her own life in 1974 carbon monoxide poisoning lead by depression.

Sexton's first attempted suicide was not long after the birth of her second child.

She once attended a boarding school in Lowell Massachusetts in Rogers hall.

During Anne's teen days she was very socially active, she liked meeting new people and making new friends.

Roger's Hall where Sexton attended schooling...

The relationship between her and her parents were practically abusive.

After the birth of her first daughter she suffered her first breakdown and was admitted to a neuropsychiatric hospital.

Sexton smokes a cigarette because of her depression issues.

Sexton was apparently addicted to sleeping pills and also to alcohol.

She attended boarding school and after graduation enrolled in Garland Junior College for one year.

Her poetry include her long battle against depression, suicidal tendencies, and other various details of her life. She also included her husband and two kids into her poems and their relationships.

Anne's Early Life

Anne used to strongly dislike school and couldn’t really concentrate

At the age of 19 she got married to Alfred ‘Kayo’ Sexton

She had her first kid in 1953 and her second one 2 years after.

After giving birth to her first kid she started having breakdowns.

Her therapist urged Anne to start writing her feelings and thoughts about everything.

By writing it led to her friendship with George Starbuck and Sylvia Plath.

Anne's Career

She attended a poetry workshop which was led by john Holmes marked the beginning of her career

Her most famous work was the poem “ live or Die” which she won the Pulitzer prize for poetry.

She was a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.


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