Using Personal Values to Set Short- and Long-Term Goals common exhibit for learning outcome six

Top 10 Values: God's Will, Familiy, Health, Safety, Self-Acceptance, Monogamy, Simplicity, Independence, Compassion, Wealth

Top 5 Values: God's Will, Family, Health, Compassion, Monogamy

Top Value: God's Will

This shows the process of narrowing down which values I considered most important and which values were able to be pushed to the side. The top left picture shows which values I determined to be least/not important to me. The top right picture shows the top ten values that were picked out to be the most important and what I feel that I base my life on. From there I proceeded to narrow it down to my top five core values (bottom left) and then my absolute most important value (bottom right).

Which values were hard to discard? The more narrow the choices got for my top values, all of them seemed hard to eliminate. I felt that if they made it into my top ten or top five, then they were clearly very important to me and having to eliminate them almost felt as if I was being forced to let go of them. Ultimately though, it got easier once I got down to my very top value because I feel as though everything revolves around God's Will in my life. That is the base value that my parents raised me on and I have tried to build my life in that manner.

What surprised you most during this exercise? I was most surprised by how stressful and frustrating I found this exercise to be. Almost all of the laid out values held some sort of importance to me, but I felt as if the top ten were the most important or in some way encompassed the rest of the values that were "not important to me". I was surprised by how stressed and upset I got with this exercise because I realized that I felt like I was betraying myself or the values I was raised on by having to take them out of my pile. Of course, it wasn't that serious because I wasn't actually throwing away any of my values. This activity made me realize just how attached I am to my core values and just how big a part of my life and my personality these values are, especially the smaller the pile got. In the end, however, I felt at peace with my decision of what core value I try to base my life on. God's Will is a value that overshadows everything else, but I also realize that without God's Will I wouldn't have the option for any other values in my life.

Short Term Goals: Get off academic probation in the Spring of 2017 while improving study habits in order to reduce stress. In addition to relieving stress with better study habits, I would also like to explore the value of health by practicing meditation/and or yoga.

Action Plan for Short-Term Goals: Getting off academic probation in Spring of 2017 requires me to severely revise my study habits and techniques. I can do this by studying a little bit eeryday so that I am not cramming things in just before an exam, as well as using concept maps, flashcards, self-made tests, and professor office hours. Just this action in itself would relieve a good bit of stress that comes from having too much to do at one time or feeling as if I'm not prepared for an assignment or test. The value that most strongly drives these goals are my health and my family. I'm sure I would have a lot more energy and not get sick as much if I did not have to deal with the amount of stress that I put on myself. My family helps motivate me and drive this goal because I remember the feeling I got when I had to tell them that I was on academic probation this semester. They were so disappointed in me and I realized that I had done it to myself. My family helped me realize that if I don't get my act together then my dream of attending Clemson, getting that ring, and walking across the stage with a degree in my hand would be over for good.

Long Term Goals: Earn a degree from Clemson in Dietetics which leads to a fulfilling career. I would also like to start or get heavily involved in a non-profit organization regarding animal/child abuse (such as a no-kill shelter for animals) or fund research for childhood cancer treatments. My number one goal in life, however, is to have a big family.

Action Plan for Long-Term Goals: Long-term goals are going to be a little bit harder to achieve then short-term goals just because they take more time and progress might be slower and harder to see at any given point. My short-term goal of getting off of academic probation is a good place to start in earning my degree. With the knowledge that I gain from learning how to study, I can put that to work the rest of my semesters at Clemson and continue to work towards earning my degree. My plan for the non-profit organization begins with taking some classes in order to know what exactly I'm doing as well as helping to pinpoint what cause I would like to target. I also plan on speaking with my sister because she also has the same goal and would be able to help me figure out an exact start-up plan, or even help create an organization together. the goals that drive my long-term plans are family, God's Will, and compassion. I feel that once I get out of college and am earning my own living that it's my duty to give back and help those that have not had a life as fortunate as mine. I want to make a difference in the world and if it is God's Will for me to be compassionate in life and give to others, and be blessed enough to be able to do it with my family, then who am I to argue with that? Also, I grew up in a big family so it has always been a goal of mine in life to have a big family of my own when I am older and well out of college. I feel that monogamy is just something that naturally goes with that for me.


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